Sunday, 11 May 2014

Happy ZK, happy Mama

I made up a little song for ZK in his first week with us, on a night he kept crying and couldn't sleep. It sounded a little sad cos I was a little sad then. I continued to sing that to him often to lull him to sleep for a few months after, but I haven't sung it for quite a while until just now.

The first time I sang it, he sat up and listened. Then he fell back now on his pillow and listened. And suddenly, he burst out crying! It was only a couple of seconds but he was crying! I sayang-ed his little head and he told me to lie back down and continue singing - "some more", "again". And again and again I went. Eventually, I told him no more, he should sleep. And he did.

I wondered why he cried. But I guess I'll never know..

He has been very happy these two days, especially after dinner. Yesterday, he ate a lot at JPOT and then ran around Vivocity with a wrapped candy in his hand and happy little screams. Today, he was quite content to watch Mother Goose Club while we finished up our dinner.

I'm not one to celebrate Mother's Day etc in a big way, but I must say this has been a happy Mother's Day weekend :)

I took morning leave on Friday to attend the celebration in school, despite having a presentation at an important meeting in the afternoon. I decided that I wouldn't let my son be the only kid whose mum wasn't present. But my worries were kind of unfounded - fewer than half the mums showed up.

But I didn't regret going. I purposely kept ZK at home until 9 am so we could go to school together, and I was the first mum to arrive. A few kids came over to me curiously and smiled at me. Two of them were ZK's classmates since infant care time so I believe they recognise me. A third kid was happily hanging around us until his own mum arrived - he was absolutely elated when he saw her! A couple of kids were crying when their mums left. Even though ZK wasn't his usual self in school ("he sings to the kids!") and was on me almost the whole time, he appeared quite happy :)

We played games!

ZK's blur look - he didn't want to leave until he too had a shower cap on his head!

He was supposed to catch some bubbles but he just looked on, blur blur. Anyway, I only managed one pathetic bubble cos the solution was running out *.*

We were over-achievers - made two flower crowns instead of one!

There was another activity before painting - the teachers had us throw brown sugar cubes into little cupcake cups and when that happened, they poured tea into the cups for the kids to serve tea to their mummies. ZK threw everything too hard as usual so I didn't get any tea haha!

So happy during snack time! He had at least two biscuits and two sandwiches.

We had our very own photo! He chose that sign ok, not me! :)

Then we tried to take a group photo. But with some 12-15 kids, the sheer logistics were simply daunting. Must really give it to the two teachers. ZK took a while to leave me and join them.

He was running about here and there, and even wandered into an adjoining room where a young baby was sleeping - it was his classmate's brother. I liked that he was curious and sweet to the sleep baby :) But I was so scared he would be too rough so I chased him out to join his friends.

Eventually, he settled into a seat, phew!

But when a tray of biscuits arrived, all the kids got off their seat to flock to the tray!

At the end of the celebration, some kids went home with their mums. So it got a little less crowded. And guess what the little boy did? He happily went to grab a sandwich and sat down happily munching away!

Lunch was next - quite immediately! And he still seemed hungry *.* It was yummy chicken rice! He said it was hot so I told him to blow at his rice to cool it a bit..

That was when I said byebye - I knew he would be ok with me leaving when there was food *.*

It was the first time I stayed in school with him for so long. I saw how the teachers handled so many kids at the same time; I saw how the chef and the cleaning lady both like him a lot; I saw him interacting (somewhat) with his classmates; I saw how angmoh kids could say his name; I saw how he bullied Aisaac whose only crime was to be near me;. A was so cute actually - he kept inviting ZK to go sit down with him and go jumping with him, but my kid just wanted to be with his mama that day. Poor A! And H was so sweet too - she would smile at me shyly and walk away.

It was so fun! It was also very tiring to be in the company of so many kids at the same time! I'm already looking forward to the next school celebration - Halloween, I think?

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