Monday, 19 May 2014

mf-ism leh?

CY commented that my blog is all about ZK now. It's true. All those random postings of yore seldom make their appearance now. Perhaps I'm to pre-occupied with ZK and work to remember random thoughts, which do still pop into my mind here and there. In fact, I have collected a whole lot of random pictures but I haven't had time for prioritised writing about them.

And today is not the day to write about my random pictures. My thumbdrive is waiting to be read :( It's been a really busy time at work. And just when I thought I could do certain things, other things keep popping up. And I'm a ticking time bomb where you only hear the ticking but see no clock!

Anyway.. So I'm here just for a quick one - cos I noticed fewer blackheads on my nose after using Hazeline snow cream for some weeks! May they never come back!

(And may mf-ism return soon!)

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