Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Update at 34w2d

Went to see the doc again today. I gained 1.5 kg in three weeks, of which 0.5 kg went to baby. Baby is now 2.3 kg, with less than six weeks to go. Also did pre-admissions today. Came home with some antibiotics cos I had strep B the last time. So I was told to the meds from 36 weeks.

Decided to take sick leave today to rest - had gastric from about 4 pm yesterday. And last night, the older boy started banging on his door when he heard Sito at about 11 pm. We went in and he wanted to join us in our room: "一起", he said. And when I told him he gotta sleep on his own, he started crying. So poor thing, how to reject him further? So we brought him into our bed. When Sito went out to do work, he asked for him - he's so used to us flanking him now!

ZK fell asleep by midnight but it wasn't until at least 1 am that I dozed off - (a) space was scarce, and (b) little baby was having a great time dancing inside! And when I woke at 3 am to turn my poor body aching from trying to accommodate ZK, his brother started dancing again! I think he likes having ZK around?

The one inside has been super active since yesterday. I could feel my belly stretched in funny ways the entire day, even when I was on the move. I think that could have accounted for his umbilical cord going round the back of his neck now. The doc didn't seem concerned; he just said we would monitor. Anyway, little baby is still having fun now. Will be back to see the doc in two weeks.

Oh, I was saying I'm on sick leave today. But I took a little tour around Orchard to get some toiletries. And I did foot reflexology on the way home :) I like this auntie's massage style but she couldn't stop talking. Although at one point, I was glad to hear that 我保养得好 - my face is not swollen, neither are my feet! I remember the last time with ZK, I had balloons for feet by now..

Made myself some mee sua soup for lunch and had to step out again to go to M1 to recontract our fibre broadband cos I called the company after lunch to ask about a bill item and found that I would be billed for some stuff after contract ends next month - and the current promo ends tmr! Argh! Lost two hours work-wise; thought I could work on some stuff at home without any disturbance..

Anyway, better get started on work. Want to take a shower before ZK comes home so that I can send him to bed tonight :)

Update the next day

Was cutting my nails and remembered something - with ZK inside, my nails grew super fast; with 小马哥 inside, my nails are super white, as in I've got french manicure less the shine!

And, I'm feeling kind of paranoid about my belly button - it feels as if it's going to leap off me anytime *.*

Update the 30 min later

I'm trying to work but this little baby is such a cute distraction - my belly is being contorted into various shapes. And when I respond by pushing my belly, he pushes back! I'm so looking forward to him :) And I'm thinking of extending my leave - just found that I miscalculated earlier and could afford to take three more weeks of leave!

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