Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Under the sea!

We were going to bring our monkey to see monkeys on Sunday but it decided to pour so crazily that we had a last-minute change of plans to go to the SEA Aquarium!

Left for lunch downstairs after his morning nap and took one of the most pleasant MRT trips ever, with ZK happily watching AN EXCAVATOR EXCAVATING SAND *.* AGAIN AND AGAIN *.* *.*

Boy... *Mama rolls eyes*

The one he was watching wasn't his fave. His fave is this, which he can dance to:

Yup... So, anyway... :)

It was ZK's first trip to Sentosa, woohoo! Get happier, little one, just one stop away on this little train!

Passed by that gigantic candy store. Doesn't he look like a little man here? "You, go there!"

High five!

We bought our tickets - at $38 per pax! - at Vivocity and skipped the long queues at the aquarium. But we still had to queue a little to go in.

There was an exhibition on Zheng He before we reached the aqaurium proper, and ZK seemed to have been scared by the big head on the junk, complete with blinking red eyes and moving mouth. He became a koala bear from there. Awww...

We managed to coax him down when we got to the fish though!

Fish galore! And most of them were quite ugly...

Our only family shot! ZK remained grouchy..

Dolphins seemed to make him happier! But he kept missing them... Hey, look to your right la! *.*

And then there was no turning back - he was running all over the place! Sometimes, we managed to get hold of him, like here with the sea urchin.

But most of the time, he was running free and happy. Unfortunately, those times are so difficult to capture on camera, argh!

There was some drama at the gift shop cos ZK adores fluffy toys. Yes, in addition to excavators! And he didn't want to leave! We had to remove him physically, and very soon, he forgot all the toys - to think that I almost wanted to get him a dolphin!

We spent only some 90 minutes at the aquarium. By the time we came out, the rain had stopped. We went in search of the Malaysian Food Street to grab a snack - fried Hokkien mee and chendol! ZK had some chendol, with some mess of course.

Then, it was back to Vivocity, where he fell asleep rather quickly - the poor boy was no less tired than us!

Roamed the mall for a while. Sito got a present for ZK's second birthday! Under $10! And combined with my $1.20 present, I think we would have won some most thrifty parent award or something!

We woke him up near dinner time at Waraku - our second time at this outlet, and ZK had curry there again! It was a very easy dinner  for two reasons - (a) nothing to complain about curry rice and fried pork cutlet! And (b) EXCAVATOR video!!!

We were out for only half a day but we were so stoned! The parents gave the phone to the kid and stoned the entire journey home. And when we got back, even ZK was tired; he wasn't rowdy at bed time and just rolled quietly until he fell asleep.

Monday morning past 5 am, he came into our room as usual (more on that later) and fell asleep past 6 am. Unfortunately, he woke up shortly cos of a cockroach commotion - I woke to find a roach near the door :( Must be due to the early morning downpour.. Overdid the insecticide but at least the scary thing died. ZK just went "cockroach"... So cute.. Next time, you help me catch ok? :)

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