Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Update at 31w3d

Yesterday, after much apprehension, I found that I gained only 2kg in five weeks - yeah!

Doc: Good, so no more holiday hur? No more unhealthy food..

Yes, sir, I cut back on fried beehoon too! I'm very proud of myself :)

And best, baby measured 1.8 kg - that's almost a full kilo heavier than the last visit five weeks ago! Means only 1 kg came to me, heh heh :p

Still, I have busted the 70-kg mark - 70.1 kg now! I'm hoping that I won't go beyond 75 kg.. Please, let me not be heavier than Sito!!

But I was so happy about the tiny weight gain that I over-indulged that very day.. I got myself a low-fat, decaf cappuccino from McCafe on the way to office. Then, even though I was spared having to attend a brown bag lunch event as I was busy with other stuff, they kindly brought me a sandwich set. I didn't realise it but I must have been craving for that cos I felt soooo good after that! It was relatively healthy - ciabatta with turkey ham and cheese, with salad. What wasn't so healthy was that I had another sandwich cos my colleague was detoxing - I didn't eat all the bread though cos some parts were too crusty. And after a long afternoon meeting, I returned to my desk to find another sandwich leftover from lunch! I had most of it *.*

Today, I wanted to eat better but failed - had fried beehoon for breakfast cos I was very hungry *.* And now, as I'm typing, I'm hungry!!

Anyway, back to baby.. Baby measured one week ahead so the doc told me to be prepared in case he decides to greet me earlier. Well, we shall see. ZK measured ahead as well and he was only two days early - and because I was induced. Hope this one is on time..

I thought baby doesn't look very much like ZK. He seems fiercer :p Sito said ZK looked fierce too. ZK is now quite smiley :) Then Sito was trying to figure out an ultrasound scan and when he heard it was the nose, he said baby has triangular nostrils! But of course! He's your son, Dear! :p Same thing with ZK when he was born - I noticed his nostrils very early. But I haven't taken a look lately - not at the shape anyway, just see snot *.*

Was trying to upload some ultrasound scans when I realised that the doc had given me some funny ultrasound file that requires Windows and a special programme to read it! Argh, ask him to give me again three weeks later..

Does he look like his brother? :)

Also asked the doc about the pain in my left upper thigh. He said baby's head is probably pressing on something, and told me to fidget more at work. Still so painful sometimes, though it's not crippling like two weeks ago..

I've been having Braxton Hicks like crazy. And it's mighty uncomfy. Baby has been bullying me as well though I enjoy his movements. Doc said he's head down, facing left with his butt high up. I notice that he moves a lot when ZK is near! He wants to play too! Haha! :)

Adding a video of little baby moving! :)

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