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Sito and I caught a Chinese musical on 20 April! It's called 天冷就回来 and full of familiar 新谣 tunes. It's the first time that I know most of the songs in a musical when watching it! And Sito enjoyed it even though he knew few songs! Overall a great experience!

I grew up listening to many of these songs: 一步一步来,让夜轻轻落下,恋之憩,如果你不小心想起我,从你回眸那天起, and many others not in the show. There were newer songs too, all composed by 梁文福 and sung by artistes local and otherwise.

But it was the older ones that really tugged at my heartstrings. I didn't think too much about them growing up, but when these songs faded out of the radio, replaced by the pop songs of the day, I pretty much forgot about most of them until Oxford, when somehow I got reacquainted with them through, um, mp3s. Just how many hours have I spent listening to these in the solitude of my room, until I could sing so many of them from memory.

Since the early 2000s, there have been various resurgences of 新谣 and I never really caught them until now, being rather slow to catch on until my single source of news aka Facebook alerted me to this one in time for me to get tickets!

And watching it really brought back memories of CLDDS, some of the best though tiring memories of JC life.

Got into the CLDDS singing team by serendipity. I didn't even understand what I was getting myself into! But what ensued were days and nights of rehearsing for our annual variety night 叶串之声 in which I sang 你的倒影 with I think six others. We had "foreign talent" from across the road who helped with guitar accompaniment - this chap is now my colleague!

We had two great nights of nerve wrecking performances. We were the only singing team; the rest included 相声 and plays - I don't remember the details cos I was too focused on my part!

The following year, 叶串 was no longer a variety show but focused on plays. I wasn't really involved until I was roped in to co-direct a play where an actress needed help with a singing scene. I went on to do more than the singing scene; I still feel my greatest contribution was at the last scene. Oh and the voice-over announcement for ticket sales during assembly one morning.

Found an old photo from second year:

After I graduated, as I was a relief teacher at NJ, I went to help out a little at the 叶串 that year. I think I watched it too. But the feeling was of course very different.

I was trying to remember the 叶串 song but couldn't remember everything, sighs.. Think it goes something like this:


But I found this picture of our CLDDS tee, with the lyrics of a song from my second year!

I didn't think of it during the musical but now I suddenly remember a music camp I went to at the end of Sec 3 - 第四届全国新乐营. There were four of us from Anderson - Jo and me from our batch, and two from the Sec two batch. I can't remember the girl's voice but the guy had a really good voice!

We spent a few days holed up in Hwa Chong campus learning about composing, Mando pop scene and even copyrights. The final project was for each of the 10 teams to either change the lyrics or the tune of 恰似你的温柔. My team, the over-achiever, did both :p We were also the youngest team, with many of us in JC or uni; Jo and I were the youngest members.

I think I presented the version with the changed lyrics but I got confused at one point and sang wrongly *.* Nevermind, re-did that part. My first time in front of some 100 people! Of course I looked down ALL the time!

And I still remember the comment by one of the judges - that I sang like Faye Wong cos of my stuffed nose. Huh?! You think I want stuffed nose?!

It was sponsored by my school so we had to submit individual reports of the experience. I still have my report with me, along with some notes from the camp :)

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