Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Counting down 10 weeks!

Yes, we're 30 weeks and three days today, woohoo!

Nowadays, I love rubbing my belly at the front over my top/dress, just to feel my belly button ^.^ I used to dislike the thought of an outie. But now that I have one, courtesy of the little one inside, I find that I like it! Ok, maybe I also know that it'll be gone soon..

I feel that he has grown quite a bit. His movements are just everywhere inside! Yesterday, he found a new spot to punch or kick. I was going up the escalator at the station when I felt this sudden ache in my left side. I didn't really feel movement, just the sudden ache. And then it happened a couple more times as I walked home. I figure it hurts more when he aims at the soft parts - while my abs are pretty well exercised in my years of sucking in belly, I can't say the same for my sides!

This week, I also started drinking bird's nest. I found two boxes of single servings from my last confinement time and packed them into the fridge. After that, I'll start on concentrates that Mum got for me. I find that after taking that, I don't get hungry for breakfast until 10 am! Useful when things go crazy when I arrive at work, like what happened today..

Last week, I started feeling Braxton Hicks contractions. I knew it felt like a tightening but I only vaguely remembered what it actually felt like before last week. Now I shall add on the sensation of needing to pee as well!

And speaking of remembering things, or rather, forgetting things, well, I won't say I have pregnancy brain but I have already forgotten the pain of morning sickness! I mean, I know it's awful but how exactly? I've forgotten. That's nature's way of making us reproduce right? :p

It's the last day of April now. 10 weeks sound short but it is actually some time away. My May will be terribly busy with work. And June, well, I'll be very busy with handover. Won't be in the mind to chat with my little baby like I used to do with ZK inside, sighs.

Well, now I'm looking forward to the next doc appointment, to ask about the ache in my upper thigh and especially to see the little rascal within! :)

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