Saturday, 5 April 2014

My poor ZK again..

This poor boy was jumping on our bed and leapt off the side where there was no one!

I was cooking, heard screams, dashed in, saw his legs in the air, and my heart sank - looked bad! :( He was crying as a bump formed on the left side of his forehead. Kept telling me "jump jump" as he cried. I told him, no jumping on the bed! And he went "no no" while continuing to cry.

Silly boy, this isn't your trampoline! Aiyah, so poor thing la! So 心痛 :(

Then he was playing with pegs as usual when we were changing his diapers after lunch when he suddenly started howling - a bit of his thumb got caught in the mechanics of the peg! Now, that sounded a lot more painful than the bump of the head!

SL said she did that to hers so that he wouldn't play with them anymore. But I doubt this one learns leh... He still wanted to sit at the desk despite falling off my chair earlier this week..

So just now, SL and DC were here with their little one Isaac. ZK wasn't as friendly towards him as he was towards Vera - obvious preference for girls!! They were even trying to snatch the chair out of each other's hands! Quite hilarious actually... But later, when DC gave ZK some snacks, he started being more open and willing to share. Ah well, really have to introduce the little baby to him gently, preferably with snacks *.*

On another note, I'm also very poor thing - ZK bit me on the thigh until it bled. The spot is still red and swollen. I feel super sorry for the three kids - two older boys and a younger girl - whom he bit in school on Monday to Wednesday... I scolded him fiercely when I heard about the biting on Thursday. Told him to bite himself if he wanted flesh!

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