Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Update on ZK's sleep

The silly little boy has slept on the floor the past three nights.

Yesterday evening, I was playing with him before bedtime using his penguin puppet. He likes it when I put on the puppet and make the penguin eat the fruits in his book. He likes to put it on as well but makes it eat animals in the other book! I always tell him to say hi instead :)

Anyway, so yesterday, I put on the puppet and told him to sleep with the penguin in his bed at night instead of on the floor. I didn't know if he understood that but I did know he understood that that meant I wasn't going to be there cos he immediately frowned and came to me, calling me and asking me to hug him. So he stood in front of me and let him hug him for a long while. So poor thing...

I didn't let up. I continued to tell him about our sleeping arrangements. I told him I would at most visit him twice. But it turned out that I only had to go in once last night when he woke at 1.30 am. After the first visit, he went quiet in 15 minutes, We watched him on and off and caught him going for water and coming back to the door to sleep on the floor *.*

Tried to tell him about sleeping in his bed just now as well. Again, hugs.. I hope he'll get it tonight. Our floor isn't cold even with the aircon but it's hard!

Update 23 Apr 2014

This boy woke at about midnight, cried for five minutes and went to sleep - on the floor. When he woke at 5.10 am and started crying, he didn't stop soon - cried for mama, cried for kakak, cried for yeye! I saw him searching for his pacifier so I went in to get it - I could see it from the camera. But guess what, when I went in, he hurriedly dropped his bolster on the bed, took the pacifier from my hand and dropped it on the bed, and guided me out of the room saying he wanted milk!! He was refusing to be put back in bed! Argh! 我被骗了!Ended up reading and playing with him in his room until 6.30 am *.*

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