Thursday, 3 April 2014

Update at 26w4d

Well, obviously I have not lived up to my word to document everything in this pregnancy.. Hmm.. Well, at least I'm doing it periodically! :p

Ok, my little baby is protesting inside now but hitting me repeatedly down south *.*

So.. Today, at 26w4d, I discovered linea nigra! It's still faint but it's unmistakenable. It seems to have appeared overnight! Or was I too ill the past few days to notice?

And today, I also noticed that my belly is looking a lot more protruding! I ordered a sandwich for lunch and didn't get a drink. The guy gave me a free drink cos "you're pregnant" :) "and the meatballs are really huge!" Haha!!

Little baby has been having fun, I think. Last week, he gave me some hard knocks inside. I could feel my insides lurch to one side! And I'm starting to feel something hard sliding across small parts of me here and there - very fun :)

Yes, I'm really enjoying his movements! :) There's so little time to enjoy foetal movements - just a few months!

So we went for the usual prenatal visit last Saturday, the third since I started on my package - feels good to walk out without paying! Of course it was all paid upfront but still :p

Anyway, cos it was a Saturday, it was the perfect opportunity to bring my hub and my pup! ZK was having fun with the toys at the reception when we bumped into an acquaintance - she's due in May and has an elder daughter one month older than ZK who could say a lot! I was so envious.. Bah, don't be a tiger mum!

We didn't wait too long. We went in, ZK said hi :) And we got down to the scanning.

I've been telling ZK about baby in my belly for a while. And this scan confirmed that he was all confused - when he saw my bare belly, he pulled up his own shirt and said "baby" *.* Of course he couldn't understand anything on the TV and was soon pointing to the sink wanting to wash his hands or running to the cabinets trying to destroy things..

It was the first scan that we didn't really pay much attention to - poor little baby :( But we heard his weight - 866g! Woohoo! I like to hear him gaining weight. Of course that's a given but it's nice to know :)

Unfortunately, we also heard mine - I have gained 8kg already! I thought I gained that much at 32 weeks with ZK but I just checked my records - no, I gained that much just before 26 weeks! Woah, I feel so much better haha! But I'll still check my weight. After all, I started from a slightly higher base than last time. And it's only the responsible thing to do for my little baby.

Little one, Mama loves you :)

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