Thursday, 3 April 2014

ZK down, Mama down

Yes, double post today.

So ZK woke at 3 am last Saturday and as he was going back to sleep, I heard from Y, he puked out his dinner. I was asleep but could hear ZK earlier. It had got quiet but I saw light from the kitchen. I peeked out, saw Y watching his pacifier and learnt what happened.

I went in to find ZK who was sitting on the blanket and leaning back on his bed, looking lethargic. No wonder it was quiet! So poor thing! He saw me but didn't move much. We cleaned him up and changed his PJs - he started to doze off while we were changing him! Must be quite tired...

I decided to put him back in bed myself but he got more alert shortly and rolled about. Gave him some water and suddenly, he was whining and puking again. Nothing solid, just some liquid which I caught in my hands. I told him I'd be back and went to wash my hands. Y saw the light and helped clean him up before we tried to sleep again.

But he puked again! Still liquid and this time it got on the bed and blanket. Repeat the cleaning. But this time, we had no more bedsheets. So we just changed his PJs and let him sleep on a cleaner spot. I also found that he was slightly feverish. So worrying.. He vomited a few times in the past couple of months, which we put down to indigestion or overeating, but this was the first time he had a fever too.

Saturday morning, he couldn't finish his usual milk. He tried to sit up and out came a bit of milk. Sighs. And when he was walking to or out of his bedroom, he puked out the rest of his milk. We were supposed to see the PD for his vaccination after my gynae. We decided to go to the PD anyway but to have him checked rather than vaccinated. His fever was still on-off.

He was all fine at the gynae. At the PD, we puked some liquid on himself and me after having some water. We didn't manage to change him cos it happened to be our turn! Doctor said he was a little bloated so it was probably some stomach flu. He advised against milk - his usual and soy too! - for a couple of days and to stick to non-fat foods. He also said he might have loose stools after the vomiting passed..

We changed him and gave him some bread while waiting for medicine. Then we left for our lunch.

ZK fell asleep on Sito on the way to lunch but woke when we were being seated. I dared not give him much ramen but luckily, he didn't have much appetite after the bread and had only some Gerber puffs. We even took a walk to Daiso to buy some cleaning stuff before taking a cab home, as he looked tired.

He dozed off again by the time we got home but woke when I tried to put him on our bed so I thought, let's change his diapers. I stood up, got to the door to ask Sito to come help and suddenly, he vomited down my back! Then he turned around and vomited again, down my front!

The sound was horrible. So worried for my little boy. Y took him to the changing table to wash up and change while I washed my feet before helping out. He seemed better after vomiting so I went to take a shower before putting him in bed. Oh, also gave him a bit of medicine but he didn't like it...

He woke and had some Nestum with mostly water - I took a risk and added a bit of soy milk to give him his usual taste. He ate everything - and it stayed in his belly, thank goodness cos that was his only food after he vomited out his dinner, milk and bread.

Made some mee sua for his dinner. He didn't eat as voraciously as usual. He took slightly more medicine. Must be getting used to the taste.

Sito and I went out for dinner after I put him in bed - he slept really early at 7 pm. But he must be uncomfortable as he woke at 8.30 pm. I came out of the shower finding Y with him. I took over and managed to settle him after a long while. But as I was preparing to leave his room at 10 pm, he woke! I didn't get out until 12.30 am!

And then he kept waking up too. In the end, I spent most of the night with him in his room. Good that I could check his temperature too. But I came down with a cold that is just subsiding today.

Gave him soy milk and Nestum the next day, which lasted him until lunch at Mum's place. He didn't eat much of his lunch but had some steamed cake instead. By then, he was taking full dose of his medicine, which I called "vitamins" - sly mama!

My poor baby playing with a thermometer on Sunday morning:

He took a nap and woke to more cake. He was quite happy. No more vomiting. No more fever too. Phew! And he had more dinner on Sunday. We remained cautious and gave him only soy milk diluted with water in a cup. Novelty and yummy so he took everything happily. Sito put him in bed for me as I was feeling really bad...

Monday was the test cos he was going to take milk in school. I gave him Nestum for breakfast and sent him to school with five scoops of milk powder per feed instead of his usual six. Everything was fine. That was it! My baby has recovered! :)

And guess what, on Saturday, I didn't feel much of my ulcers. I though worrying over ZK somehow sent my other nerves into recession but no, the pain has really subsided! I was - and still am - keeping my fingers crossed. I'll wait until this weekend to give the verdict on my ulcers.. Cos I'm nursing a cold so that pain might be suppressing ulcer pain *.* We'll see.

Today, I put ZK in bed for the first time since Saturday. I had also been outsourcing night duty to Y since Sunday night so I missed him so much! It was so much fun just now! We sang and played a bit before turning out the lights. He wanted me to sing "row row" and he said "ah!" at the end :p Also asked for 星星 - that was new cos last time, he would only give me the gesture for stars. And of course, he wanted "bus". Took a while but eventually he dozed off. My little boy, sleep tight :)

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