Saturday, 12 April 2014

ZK made us proud today :)

I woke before ZK today - rare! But it was because he was up a lot last night.. Anyway, so he woke at 7 am and sang one line "rain rain go away" - in a cute albeit not so perfect pitch :) - and the clear skies turned grey *.*

So we didn't send him to school in the end. The rain stopped within an hour and I dashed to the supermarket for some bread for his breakfast. Thankfully he didn't seem very hungry this morning.

We left the house before 10 am - that was really early considering that Papa was involved haha! We got to the clinic at around 10.15 am, registered as walk-in cos I couldn't get an appointment and ZK was three months overdue for his vaccination - clashed with some other vaccination and the stomach flu thing.

That marked the beginning of a super long wait.. But we also observed wonderful things about our son.

1) He knows what he wants and is not afraid to go get it! Never mind that an older kid was playing with it...

2) He allowed a little girl to touch what he was playing with :) Unfortunately, she didn't reciprocate and was whining and crying a lot. Oh well, we asked ZK to go play with something else and he did.

3) It was a little top-like thing a six-year-old was playing with. ZK was quite mesmerised with the swirling. We told him to just watch. But eventually, he managed to reach out and stop the toy to fiddle with it. He even managed to make it swirl a little bit. Lucky for him, the older boy was a very gracious kid. He just watched this toddler play. He even introduced his six-month-old sister to us and told us his age when we asked. We told ZK to return the toy to the 哥哥 and have him teach him how to make the toy swirl. He obliged! And this went on a few rounds. The two boys were quite enjoying themselves sharing the tou :) Then all too soon, the older boy had to go. ZK returned the toy to him but when he saw the family disappear behind the door, he went for the door! Poor boy..

4) We were sitting opposite a young baby at one point. I pointed out the baby to ZK and he went over to say "baby" and tried to sayang her. I was a bit worried about the mum's reaction but she was fine. Turned out her elder son was just a few months older than ZK.

Awww, we have such a good kid! Playful yes, mischievous sometimes, but overall, a good boy :)

Playful ZK :)

We went downstairs for a snack just past 11 am. I gave ZK his last pack of baby bite biscuits. Then my kaya toast arrived. He had some and enjoyed it! I was so happy - can give him toast next time :) With kaya and butter!

Then things went downhill. He got tired and wanted to sleep but it wasn't conducive. So he cried a lot. Some distraction here and there helped a bit. But he wasn't happy. When he calmed down a bit more, we gave him some Gerber puffs. He was playing with the empty box when it was finally our turn - at past 1 pm!! We went in for two minutes *.*

ZK is a big boy now and big boys get jabs on their arms. He cried when the needle went in but stopped very quickly. But another bout of fussing ensued during the wait to pay. We eventually left past 1.30 pm, and barely got on the bus when he dozed off in Papa's arms. Poor thing...

We left him to nap at home when we went downstairs to grab some lunch - that was past 2 pm! Thank goodness for the late morning snack else we would be very very starved!

We all managed to nap a bit until 4 pm. ZK didn't have a proper lunch so I gave him some Nestum. Then he wanted to go out cos he saw his new shoes and socks - this morning, we found that he could fit into his new shoes and let him wear that so that his dirty sandals could take a break in the laundry...

We went to Ikea! He had so much fun bringing many many bear bears from their basket to a particular cot, watched by Papa while Mama grabbed a new changing mat and some boxes for his crayons and markers. He was too short to get into the play area. And the adults were not hungry enough to eat at 6 pm. And the Ikea cafe was full.

Play pretend!

So we paid and went to Anchorpoint where he fell in love with a kiddy ride that had lights and played short bursts of music at random intervals. He was dancing! :)

At one point, a little boy came over to the kiddy ride, accompanied by his family helper. We told ZK to sit to one side to let the other boy sit with him - the kiddy ride was meant for two. To our surprise, he shifted to one side and let the boy up! We learnt that the boy was just one month older than ZK. But that was it cos he was quite shy and got off into the helper's arms. ZK saw him go and beckoned him to "sit down!" while patting his little hand on the seat next to him! Oh my little boy...

We went to Sakuraya for dinner. I pointed out a crying baby and he said 哭 and pulled his index fingers down his cheeks - the gesture was a tad far from his eyes but it was clear what he meant. I told him that he must sayang a crying baby.

Now I'm rather hopeful that he would be a good 哥哥 to his 弟弟 :)

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