Tuesday, 1 April 2014

My poor ZK

This morning, as usual, I placed him on the chair to watch Thomas while I washed up. As I was lathering my face, I heard a dull thud, a little scream from Y and crying. I dashed out to find that my little boy had fallen off the cushion on the chair and hit his forehead on the left, apparently having slipped off the cushion :(

It was my fault :( I should never have let him be alone on the chair. I should have insisted on removing the cushion which he had recently started to like. I should have been with him.

He was such a poor thing. He didn't cry for very long but he asked for his pacifier amid sobs and then his bolster. We moved him to his bed where he stayed just hugging his bolster. There was no swelling. I think he had a scare :(

Thankfully, he was up and playing before long, although he wasn't letting go of his pacifier and bolster. We let him be. And when he wanted more Thomas, I moved the laptop - luckily it was charged! - to in front of the TV and tried to place ZK on the sofa. He refused and moved his chair right up to the laptop. I had to shift his chair all the way back to the sofa to put some distance between him and the screen. Luckily, he was alright with that.

Again, my fault. I was already thinking of buying a smaller TV two weeks ago to replace the monster in the living room so that we could watch TV without worrying about our eyes, especially the little eyes, but I didn't take action. If I had bought a smaller TV earlier, he would be watching Thomas at a lower level instead of at my desk.

Sighs, at 20.5 months of age, I let my son fall from an adult chair and hit his head :(

He had fallen off our bed before - that was in India when he was sleeping with us and moving in the night. But we were lucky cos he landed on his butt, cushioned by diapers and fleshy butt cheeks. He just woke and whined. He fell off the bed one more time after that. I can't remember whether that was in India too or at home but it was a minor fall. Think he supported himself or Sito did.

There were near misses when he was younger. But he learnt to get off the bed the butt way quite quickly and I guess we got complacent. That's why he started falling off recently.

I'm nursing a bad cold now but I target to get that TV by this weekend so that we can have some entertainment and, more importantly, peace of mind!

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  1. Accidents happen all the time! Don't keep blaming yourself! Today I just knocked SX down when I turned and didn't see her behind me..


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