Friday, 28 March 2014

More on a cheeky boy

These days, he knows about the last "boo" from a choo choo song, and would look at me with anticipation as he waits for it to come. And when it does, he'll go "boo!" happily and asks for more :)

Here are my boys watching choo choo together - Sito was trying hard to ignore me :p

ZK decided to hide in his toy box!


Mum got him a new toy and he was so happy!

And that afternoon, he was so tired but insisted on getting on the bike. Within moments, he nodded off in biking position! Still tried to protest when I carried him up but only briefly. He also briefly asked for his pacifier but went down without it in the end.

The second morning in Taipei, we Skyped him! Poor boy looked confused..

That night, he wasn't too happy too - was it because we disrupted his choo choo? :p

And final Skype at Changi - he had plenty of toys in front of him at dinner!

Having 太阳饼 - the bruise on his forehead came from a head-on collision with a classmate!

Squinting at my flash :p

He insisted on walking down the stairs by himself, and he had such a delighted look when he managed a step!

This week, he walked quite a bit of the way to school every morning. It takes more time but he is able to stop whenever he likes to look at things and tell me about them, which I think is quite cool. Two significant happenings:

mf: 狗狗怎么叫
ZK: 喔喔
mf: 猫猫怎么叫?
ZK: 猫猫

Today, he spotted the dog in the house across the road and stopped. He said "狗狗" and then he jumped and shouted "woah woah!" He wanted the dog to bark! But the dog was just watching the world go by... So I put a finger to my lips and said the dog was quiet, shhh... He paused, and did the same! Then we walked off :)

Happily carrying his bag on the train, like a big school boy :)

Mum was in Malacca so we stayed in the Sunday after Taipei - he looked so fat :p

Monday, 17 March, was childcare centre closure day. Gave him breakfast on the table instead of his tray - big boy now!

At Mother's place playing with my old Macs toys!

Just how many kids have stood at this door, staring outside...? I count at least eight including this one..

The school finally put up pictures from LNY and his excursion earlier this month! I took pictures of pictures *.*

Peeling oranges at LNY:

Standing around randomly at the excursion:

No idea what they were doing!

ZK had a whole chocolate chip muffin to himself as he refused to have it broken up - but he had only about 60% of it.

First family outfit! ZK can finally fit into it, just as I was about to outgrow it...

We had CW's family over last Saturday so SSY took the photo for us. We tried to put the two kids to nap together but failed miserably. In the end, I took ZK to our bed instead. V dozed off shortly while ZK took at least another hour!

And we went out after his nap - check out my matching boys!

The little one lost his pants - so dirty after dinner!

(And I had sashimi at dinner, oops!)

So happy despite being pantless!

Bumped into our immediate neighbours who were dog-sitting Spooky, a good friend of their Kumo. ZK saw them as he came up the stairs and went to touch both of them one by one. On our floor, he spooked Spooky when he reached for her tail!

Looks like lumps of poo poo?!

They are mushroom! He decided that they were quite fun, pouring them out and putting them back. He even tried to taste two!

He was quite funny that afternoon at Mum's place. He went up the massage chair where he was kind of hidden from our sight. Then he peered out and said, "hi, Mama.. Papa, Mama.." Love the little pause between "hi" and whoever he is hi-ing to :)

Tuesday morning, he came into our room early in the morning, took my phone and asked for "bus". I was so sleepy! I asked him to bring in the phone from outside instead - he really went and handed it to me! I asked him to close the bedroom door and he did. Ok, no more delay - played "wheels on the bus" on the spare phone and stole a few more minutes of sleep as he rolled around on our bed.

He came home with his term 1 work on Wednesday - think I need a box or something to store them!

Various body parts and a random heart:

And they made him put the face together!

There were others too - handprints and footprints, phonics A and S with pictures of things starting with those letters, and long and short.

This term, they are learning about community workers such as policemen and firemen. He hasn't started singing new songs to me yet so let's wait and see....

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