Sunday, 16 March 2014

A new era (for a while)

I had a revelation during dinner yesterday - we can now eat together because ZK can feed himself! So happy to have entered this new era. Yes, it's messy but he has improved a lot. Yes, it's only until end of the year when his brother will start solid food but all the more we should enjoy this period!

We came back from Taipei on Thursday night. Didn't see ZK until Friday morning when I went over to Mum's place as he slept over on Thursday too. He took a glance at me and carried on playing *.* It wasn't until he wanted me to blow at a trumpet that he called me "mama".

We skyped him a couple of times while in Taipei but when I finally saw him on Friday, he seemed to have grown so much in four days! My little boy is growing up real fast! :)

Anyway, we survived a long day without help today - if you don't count Thomas as help :p Y was off and Mum was in Malacca so we didn't go over as usual. I decided to cook fried noodles for lunch for all of us. Good move cos it rained quite heavily; bad move cos it was a lot of work - cooking for me and child care for Sito. I even made mee sua for ZK's dinner using frozen soup from Mum! The adults packed their dinner. But I think, until ZK can entertain himself well, we'll just eat out instead of cooking at home :p

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