Monday, 24 March 2014

Pregnancy pains

I have been having mouth ulcers for the past six weeks wtf!!!!

Almost right after I recovered from my cross-LNY cough, I developed ulcers. They came on and off, not the terribly painful with a white hole in a yellow ring type (!), but super painful nonetheless. Every time I thought one was going away, another one came up.

Now, I have four concurrent ones on my tongue - both sides! I haven't enjoyed food for quite a while. While in Taipei, I brushed my teeth whenever I got the chance and rinsed with Listerine whenever I could to keep the pain away so that I could eat. I had not observed such good oral hygiene since the early days of my braces *.*

Add to that an irritated gum lining behind my single remaining wisdom. It is usually very difficult to reach - the toothbrush will inevitably poke my gums cos the tooth is so near the end of my jaw inside. I really regret not taking it out some 10 years ago when I removed the other three - two were causing infections and one had to go cos there was no more bottom buddy to bite into. Now I have this stupid bottom left wisdom tooth left, giving me a grand total of 25 teeth; I took out more four for my braces at 19.

I've had pretty bad ulcers but I've not experienced such on-off ulcers before so I can only put it down to the pregnancy. It is, according to many mummies, not uncommon. And I was told to eat more proteins to help rebuild cells and take more vitamin B.

Next, my overgrown twins.

When I got home this evening and got changed, I found my boobs burning! Yes, I now have, um, assets - they have been with me for quite a while now and making me generally uncomfortable. With ZK, my boobs didn't kiss my belly until later. Now as I'm sitting here, I can feel the crease between my skin there getting sweaty. Yup, mighty gross, not to mention the dreaded possibility of a permanent crease aka wrinkles :(

And my dear ZK aggravated this problem - whenever I'm next to him in bed, he will somehow kick me in my boobs or worse, somehow press on just the nipples down onto the bed! When I'm carrying him in my PJs, sometimes a little hand will find a little knob worth twisting *.*

But I should be thankful. After the initial spotting and bleeding, everything seems to be progressing well now. I get that odd sharp muscle pain near my tailbone, usually on the right. I started getting some leg cramps in the past week. But with my height, I have sufficient space in the middle to deal with a growing belly. And I think it was a blessing to have grown up with a squat toilet - all that squatting did me good! That's why angmohs in the developed countries developed Kegel to help with childbirth and recovery - they sit to shit and don't have strong pelvic muscles :p

Last time, I quite effortlessly carried ZK to term. I only remember an irritated nose and awful backaches in the beginning, and then sharp pelvic pains towards the end. I was just thinking back to those times and remembered how I used to squat all over our kitchen and toilet in Evanston to scrub the floor with a piece of cloth in my hands! And also packed all our stuff back to Singapore, moved back into our place and unpacked everything. I'm still squatting around to chase after a little man in the house..

Now don't ask me why I can't cut my own toe nails :)

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  1. Congratulations! I squat and scrub the toilet floor too when I was in my 3rd trimester. I treat it as exercise but actually I would prefer to lie on my bed and rest haha! Take good care and enjoy your pregnancy. I love to feel pregnant minus the nausea of course.


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