Sunday, 2 March 2014

Making waves already

I was wondering - how many legs does a dragon have?

Answer: Four, and the number of claws matters; in the past, the five-clawed dragon referred to the emperor.

Think what matters for me in the end is that dragons have short legs compared to the rest of their body. On the other hand, a horse has long legs...

See where this is going? :p

Well, my little baby has huge movements! In fact, he was making waves on the way home tonight! I was stoning while ZK was looking outside the window, and the car was gently bumping along, when I felt waves inside. And as I started to write this post, I felt him move at two places - left pelvic area and right waist. He seems quite big!

Ok, just Googled - he is more than 25 cm crown to heel now!

Sito and I are feeling a little scared... Seems like he may be even more active than ZK! If you see us lose weight (from running after two boys) or, on the other extreme, gain weight (cos there was no more energy left for exercising), you'll know why *.*

Still, I'm totally enjoying feeling his movements inside. Can't wait to see him again at the end of the month :) Let him put on more weight! Let my weight go to him! (I put on 3kg in the past month from having too much fried beehoon for breakfast *.* It's healthier food from tomorrow!)

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