Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Excited about little baby!

Much as I've always wanted my firstborn to be a boy cos I've always wanted an elder brother, I always felt I was carrying a girl for all four pregnancies. I never knew about the two we lost but obviously I was wrong with ZK and this little baby.

To be completely honest, having a girl after ZK would be good. But a boy is good too - not sure if it's all his movements lately that make me more and more excited about having another boy! Well, my little one, you've got me captivated!

I wonder how he will look like... Will he look more like Sito, i.e. like his brother, or more like me? And the other day, Sito dreamt of little baby looking exactly like ZK! But based on the latest 3D scan, we think his face shape is somewhat different from ZK's already. Akan datang...

When I was in the toilet just now, I was also thinking I'm more used to taking care of a boy. ZK is active but he isn't particularly sticky. Seems that girls are stickier; not sure how I would react to that, hmmm.. And of course, I'm more used to wiping a boy's poopy bottom!

And of course, it's wonderful to see little Sitos in my home :)

Oh, just thought of something great too - we can institutionalise a boys' day when they're older, when Sito will bring them out and I'll be kids free for an afternoon :p *evil*

The first question I usually got from people when they heard about our second boy was - so you're going for a third one to try for a girl? Um, well, we'll see how we cope when this is born... Really, if this is going to be a girl, there is great impetus to close shop. But now, well, let's keep an open mind :)

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