Saturday, 8 March 2014

ZK sings!

He went "all through town"! :)

We had some family karaoke time today - Sito and I sang the song while ZK did his round-and-round action, and at the end, together, "all through town!" :) He also said "beep beep" when we got to the horn of the bus :)

Today, he also had his first ice cream cone. Ice cream is not new but to lick it off was new - and apparently very funny!

Actually this has been a week of firsts. On Thursday, he screamed a mini scream at the end of the crocodile version of the row row song - actually, just a feeble ahhh but he got the idea :)

And on Friday, he went on his first school excursion! I prepared socks for him and made a lastminute sling out of a lanyard and a hairband for his water bottle :p They went to Xplorer at Pasir Ris and apparently, he was afraid of the big ball pit! On the way home from work yesterday, I was thinking, my first school excursion was in primary five or something - way to go, my little one!

And then there was also something final - he had his last bottle in his bassinet this morning. He barely finished his milk when he puked everything out along with some vegetable from yesterday. Think he was trying to get up and puuuu! Probably indigestion? So the bassinet got dirty and I thought, well, perfect timing..

We left him watch to watch Thomas wearing only his diaper while Y cleaned up and I got him some clean clothes. Then we set to dismantle the bassinet. Some parts got stuck, and ZK came over to kaypoh a couple of times, but we managed to get the cover off in the end. Now the frame is hidden in the cabinet and the cover is drying on the rack. ZK didn't seem to miss it during his afternoon milk time, phew!

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