Sunday, 9 March 2014

Away from ZK...

I was looking at my little boy watching Thomas this morning and felt sad that I would be away from him for four days..

After close to 20 months, this is the first I'm going away from ZK for such a long stretch of time.

Tonight, he is going to sleep over at Mum's place as we have to sleep quite early for our flight. He will be sleeping there until we return. Y will go over to help morning and evening.

As tiring as being summoned into his room at 2 am might be, I think I will miss having his little hand sayang-ing me. Was just thinking to some three Sundays ago when he sayang-ed me on my shoulder as he was drifting off to sleep.. Such a wonderful feeling..

Anyway, I just logged into Skype on my phone so that we could at least see him through Skype while we are away.. Just have to time our dinner properly.

Nonetheless, we're very excited at our babymoon in Taipei! Mixed feelings, really. Well, updates when we're back!

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