Friday, 7 March 2014

Growing up fast..

TGIF! It's been a busy week at work - I didn't manage to do something I really wanted to complete this week, sighs.. But at least I managed to buy milk powder last night on the way home! Was on vetting duty and we broke record by finishing it by 8 pm when the past three teams left office at midnight, yeah!

Finally, some time to share more photos, which show ZK growing up fast...

Our little boy looks all grown up with his new $10 bag :)

He was looking at the dog next door, saying "狗狗"...

And then he waited for the lift patiently..

We went to KAP! Let him play with some stickers while Papa got food..

He had quite a bit of McChicken :) Ok, not exactly the healthiest food on earth but I was just happy he was eating meat cos he wouldn't have it at home. He had fun feeding us fries dipped in curry sauce, sweet and sour sauce, ketchup.. He even had some Milo to top it all off :)

Then we took pictures. After all, this Macs will see its last patron next weekend..

We left, saying bye bye, and popped into Cold Storage where, well, what do I say? Like father, like son??

We were waiting for the bus home when I had a major stomach upset. Had to go back to Macs although our bus was just arriving. ZK played at the figurines while I was gone.. And then we said bye bye again, for real...

Wearing Papa's shoes while he was sleeping.. Can't wait to fit into Papa's shoes already!

A couple of weeks back, on such a sunny day, he went to the door and said "hot". When I went over, I realised that he was touching the parts of the door where the sun was shining! So I took the chance to teach him "cold" using other parts of the door. I wonder how much he got in... Guess I'll know when he tells me "cold" next time!

Head to head with Papa! And having fun! We played that just now too and I suffered a mini concussion *.*

That was at Pioneer Seafood Restaurant - it has a very homely feel and the old boss was there to say hi too. I felt so welcome..

So concentrated on a fan while we waited for dessert...

He ended up having some yam paste too :)

Oh, that was the first time he was not sitting next to me at a restaurant! Cos by the time he was done with dinner, the table cloth in front of him was all wet so we had to move him.

And his drawing! It's quite obvious an elder kid or a teacher had a hand in it too...

So last Saturday, I showed him Thomas. So boring *.* But he liked it and wanted it the next day.. And the next... So now, he's watching every morning after his milk, and every evening at dinner time! Nightmare... I never wanted him to watch stuff over a meal :( My only consolation is that he seems more open to food while watching, probably cos he isn't concentrating on his food *.*

Anyway, it's quite fun watching him watch Thomas. He goes "choo choo" when he wants to watch, and during the songs, he'll laugh, say "boo" or "uh-oh" or wave bye bye. He likes to call trains "bus" too *.* Yup, boy :)

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