Saturday, 1 March 2014

One of my fave set of photos

I think it is perfectly normal for parents to think that theirs is the cutest baby EVER. Some photos here are indeed of ZK's cutest moments, in a month of both laughter and tantrums.

I had to work the Saturday after LNY so they went with Mum to West Coast Park and had a blast! Heard from Sito he was laughing happily on the swing :)

That Sunday, he overturned his toy box for the first time, and only helped to put back a few *.*

The following weekend, he successfully flipped his mattress down from a standing position when we weren't fast enough to reach him, and proceeded to jump on the mat on his mattress until I dismantled the thing. Then, abandoned *.*

Anyway, I had fun with him after missing a Saturday with him due to work cos the following Monday was centre closure day. Mum brought us to RTC to swim play with water!

The float jacket was a little big. But he enjoyed himself nonetheless. I think he likes water.. Yesterday I was on leave and went to register for infant care during water play time - he was having so much fun! I hid from him of course but that made it impossible to take pictures..

And I think that made him tired.. After the pool session, he was knocked out for two hours, starting from his car seat and didn't stir much when we moved him. And last night, he woke only once at one plus and slept until 6 am. Shall monitor this next Friday..

The next day, he decided to help me carry my laptop :)

And we cut his hair the following Saturday! He saw this at the basement of Plaza Sing and wanted to get on it VERY MUCH. I think we shall not put a coin in ever, else we'll end up having to spend a lot on this *.*

We tried to let him pee on the potty cos he had been peeing in the shower every time for a couple of weekends. But he sat down, got up quickly and peed on the floor *.* This was after the pee when we sat him down again and told him he should have done that on the potty...

I think he knows where pee and poo come from. Last weekend, I was surprised to hear him say "poo poo", with his hands on his butt. I asked him if he wanted to poo poo and he said "要" and within moments, his face turned red *.* Think we'll try the potty again..

And now, my fave photos!

Yeah! Look what I've done!

Ladies and gentlemen, acknowledge my masterpiece!

Now, what shall I do with this...?

Topple it, of course!

A video of him in action a few days later:

He was so tired that morning that he fell asleep in his bassinet after a milk feed - he hadn't slept in there for ages! But we woke him up shortly and left for Mum's place else he wouldn't take an afternoon nap.

His lunch - he loves noodles and is now able to feed himself with a spoon. Very messy though... And if he doesn't want it anymore, he spoons everything out of the bowl onto the floor!

Lucky boy gets his afternoon tea for many Sundays in a row now.

And Sunday is also when we indulged him - he can watch endless videos on YouTube with my in-laws while Sito and I rest!!

Last weekend, we went to Vivocity to try out the outdoor playground but it wasn't suitable for his age and it was too hot. So we walked around. He found it fun to hold a mannequin's hand *.*

And we played hide-and-seek / catching! He loves being found and caught haha!

Brought out his old shoes cos his sandals were drying out. They were so dirty! But this pair was getting really tight - think it's time to keep for good...

He brought back his handicraft on Tuesday - flower for Mama? :)

He's in school now while I attempt to work. Obviously, I'm not working now! Settled some emails and procrastinating on another piece.. Ah well, I will try again...

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