Sunday, 27 April 2014

Pregnancy super pains

With ZK, I remember feeling a soreness at the joint between my upper thigh and pelvis on the left some time towards the end of the pregnancy. My earliest memory of that was when I was pulling on leggings in our temp place at Kembangan.

Well, with 小马哥, I started feeling this pain a couple of weeks, or more, ago. And last week, there were a couple of times when it hurt quite bad after lying in a bad position on ZK's bed for a couple of hours. But Sunday, after watching the musical (which I still haven't written about! Argh!), I felt a lot of pain when I got up at the end, but I could still walk.

Then Monday happened. Somehow, the pain intensified. That morning, I was on my way to discuss something with a colleague when the pain shot through my leg and I had to stop. Another colleague had to go bring the chap to find me instead, so paiseh. And for the rest of the day, if I didn't move for a while and stood up to go, I felt pain after the first few steps. I had to hold on to something to move myself across, s l o w l y... Until somehow, the pain drained away and I could fly again.

It went on like this. But Thursday was a bit different. I felt slightly less pain than before for most of the day, but there was one time in the morning when I stood up and felt the pain immediately and it was very, very painful!! I couldn't even sit down again! Had to hang in there until the pain dissipated.

By Friday, thankfully, I no longer felt the crippling pain though I constantly felt an ache. So I can no longer walk very fast like I used to (and like!) but at least, I'm not in super pain as well.

I was supposed to have a prenatal massage at home but the auntie first of all changed the time from 11 am to 9 am last night, then whatsapp-ed me this morning to cancel cos her husband could not send her! So irritating! I was reminded of what happened with her for my postnatal last time - she simply couldn't keep time. So I found a few other options and once confirmed, I would call her to tell her I no longer required her services.

I'm no longer in great pain today but I thought a massage could help with blood circulation and I was right - I managed to get a slot at Knead downstairs. The lady was very strong! And she had a good go at my left thigh when I told her about the pain. I walked out feeling loosened up. I still felt the pain here and there after that but I thought there was an improvement already.

And although it felt super oily during the massage, after a wipe with the covering towel, I didn't feel too oily, which was good as I shouldn't shower immediately after a massage and ZK would surely come near me.

Today is probably the second time I felt false contractions for this pregnancy. I couldn't really remember what it was like but I remember a tight sensation that made me want to go pee - and I knew it wasn't little baby. My belly also felt tight, although less so than with ZK probably cos of the flab all over :p

We're already 30 weeks - 10 more to go! :) And I shall be expecting water retention within the next two or three weeks! NOT looking forward to swollen extremities *.*

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