Thursday, 10 April 2014

ZK stories

After biting three kids last week, ZK came home with a new "watch" yesterday - he got bitten by another kid!

Teacher: Why did you bite ZK?
Kid: He bit me yesterday!

Haha! Then his reaction was a little slow right... But the teacher told me that actually, the day he was bitten, ZK snatched something away from the bigger kid. Then I say obigoot!

Then this evening, Y brought ZK back with a story - she saw ZK hit poor Hannah who was just minding her own business staring into space. ZK just went over and whacked her with his palm! The poor girl whined..

When I was removing his shoes while he was on the stroller, I scolded ZK for hitting her. I told him that he shouldn't hit other kids. If he wanted to hit, hit himself! And right then and there on the stroller, he hit himself! *.* It was just like when I told him to bite himself if he had to bite!

Well, at least I know that ZK would use his fist. Not quite appropriately right now but hopefully he'll learn when to use it. It's playground ethics right? If you get bullied by other kids, don't just cry - retaliate! I won't be there all the time. I can't whack the other kid so let them sort it out kid to kid!

Had a chat with my colleagues over lunch today. One taught her son from young to use talk instead of his fist. In fact, she told him to never lift a hand - his taekwondo black belt was for defence only. He's 10, big-sized but gets bullied in school often. I think I'd rather ZK get into some trouble than get bullied. Let him learn how to be good the hard way rather than feeling sad/afraid all the time. And so far, it looks like he's no pacifist, ha! Way to go, my little boy!

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