Thursday, 10 April 2014

What makes me happy

Today, I thought about what made me happiest - being with Sito and having ZK and this little one inside :) And also moving out of AMK.

Then I thought about what makes me happy. And the list seems long.. In no particular order:

- Looking at my husband and thinking he's cute
- Looking at my ZK and thinking he's cute
- Feeling little baby's movements, and eventually looking at him and thinking he's cute too
- Looking at their photos
- Copying ZK's expressions, speech and actions with Sito
- ZK pulling me down to his bed cos he wants me next to him
- ZK stories - see next post
- Clear blue skies
- Pretty stuff, e.g. a great pedicure, hair clips
- Cute stuff, e.g. fluffy accessories that I'll never buy, small fluffy white clouds
- Buying things with a shopping list
- Wandering about Daiso without a shopping list
- Snacking through main meals
- Baking, cooking, eating!
- Eating without fear of gaining weight - only while breastfeeding I'm afraid!
- Daydreaming (I usually feel happy after that cos I won't know a thing while at it!)
- Feeling contented because I am

There are probably more, but don't think I can list them all. I'll just be happy (+1!) that I have a long list of things that make me happy :)

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