Wednesday, 23 April 2014

My learning boy

I think our little boy has grown and learnt a lot this month.

First of all, he knows that when the door is closed and he enters the room, he should close it behind him!

And he's finally saying "water" instead of gu-wa gu-wa - the gu-wa gu-wa was my mistake as I used the sound of water (actually gulu gulu!) when I was trying to get him to drink water some months ago!

He's getting defiant too. Since last week, a few times when I scolded him, he gave me this defiant look with mis lips together and the jaws moving side to side. The scary part is how much that reminds me of myself hoho!

And as I was expecting "表" (不要) from him any day, he came home with "don't want" one day, and has been saying that all the time ever since.

Mama: Milk milk? :)
ZK: Don't want!
Mama: Let's change diapers!
ZK: Don't want, don't want!

But this evening, he said 不要 when I asked him 要不要 something...

He's also a bully - at home, one night when he woke, he told Papa to 睡觉 but told Mama to sit down with him in his bed *.* That was before we started the sleep training of course. Sometimes, he would simply pull me into bed with him. And if I didn't lie down but propped my head up with my arms, he'd say "more!" But last Saturday morning, he was kind to me - I was watching him having his morning milk on the sofa and he told me to 睡觉 on the sofa :)

And in school, he has a knack of bullying his friend A in front of his mum!! The teacher told me that they are pretty rough with each other the whole time, just that when it's ZK being rough, it's always in front of A's mum! The other day, A saw Y arriving and said "kakak" while walking to the door. ZK pulled him back by the hair! Since then, he would pull his own hair when he mentions A's name. Similarly, he would say "bite" when he mentions H cos he had bitten her before *.* And that isn't all. He also gave L a bump on his head with a toy car! Argh!

But just now at dinner, he said "A, push" while pushing his waist and we wondered... Who pushed who?? So I asked him in parts:

Mama: 谁 push?
Mama: 谁痛痛?
ZK: Kaikai

Awww... My poor baby.. I shall verify this with the teacher tmr - not to complain but to see how much my kid could communicate!

He's also adventurous. He wanted the big pot on the hob. So I let him try its content - Japanese curry! I warned him - 辣辣!He rejected the meat and carrot but lapped up all the sauce and asked for more! So I gave him curry on rice - he loved it! Granted, Japanese curry isn't exactly spicy. The next day was Good Friday and we were at dim sum when he wanted the plate of chilli sauce. I warned him again but he might have thought it was the same 辣 as the day before... Anyway, he ended up wiping his tongue with his hand! We had a good laugh though :p

We were out for dinner on Sunday and he refused his car seat and ended up standing behind me while I had to hold myself from falling on him. But we had a lot of fun as he was happily singing! He can sing "row row row the boat / sailing down the stream" - with the first verse clearer than the second, obviously. He can sing parts of "wheels of the bus", like "beep beep beep", "swish swish swish", "up! down!", "wa wa wa" and "all through town", and make all the right actions, including opening (the door of the bus) and whacking me on my face *.*

But we failed to convince him to go to bed without the pacifier - I tried to tell him that none of his bedmates (penguin, DD, BB and MM) had a pacifier, and he brought his pacifier to them before popping it back into his mouth. Ah well.. Let's have him sleep well first..

Now it's time for some photos...

His craft work from school - gotta peel off that sticker on the jar that's blocking my dearie! Have to keep it off him cos water leaks every time he shakes it!

Smiling at my camera flash! Still pretty toothless...

Last time, he used to frown at my flash - I was trying to video him doing head, shoulders, knees and toes when he caught sight of the light..

Now he wants the flash all the time!

Courtesy to DC and SL, we have one more indoor activity - colouring! He now goes to the desk to look for pens and asks for "paper" to "colour". Of course I hide his box of crayons during weekdays or we'll never get to playgroup! This is the prettiest doodle so far. After this, he seems more intent on emptying his crayon box and putting everything back again..

The fateful Saturday that led to Sito's panic about ZK being spoilt... Before ZK started crying, it was perfect to stand behind the two of them :)

He had a meltdown during dinner and calmed down with Suzie. We gave him a coin again.

This was after he broke a bottle at Cold Storage and before another meltdown when the ice cream was gone... So cute :)

Update 24 Apr 2014

On the way to school today, he gave me another story - that he was the one who pushed A! I asked the teacher who told me the two of them were always pushing each other, snatching each other's toys etc. Looks like ZK has found a buddy if you ask me!

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