Tuesday, 26 December 2017

A simple Christmas

In a flash, Christmas is over.

Just so happened it was a long weekend. We had dinner at Yayoi on Saturday, listened to a little Christmas music at the atrium and scooted home. On our way home, Yang led us to the supermarket as usual but for once he went into the bakery area instead of the fruits. I chanced upon a beautiful log cake and got one for Sunday tea.

Chocolate truffle log cake

That night, I slept super early coz of a cold - again!

We were at home most of Sunday. Wanted to go to the coffee shop for dinner but it started raining so the boys scooted around in the void deck for a while. Sito and I went to pack food and buy groceries - need some flour and stuff for baking over New Year long weekend :)

Had a whiny Christmas morning. Kai couldn't wait for "sleepyhead" Yang to wake so that they could open their present. When they got their nerf guns, more whining ensued coz one bullet went missing. And of course, I had to nag madly on what to do, what not to do, and pull the trigger for Yang 10,000 times!

Long-awaited present! 

Oops, none for Yu - he was just passing by :p But Sito took out the big egg he got some time ago. The toy isn't suitable for Yu but the egg itself is!

We went to Courts at Jem to check out mattresses. The boys had a field day trying mattresses and sofas! Had an earlier lunch at the food court - udon as requested by the boys - before some fun at the Westgate playground. 

On our way to the station, Yang stepped on Sito's slipper causing him to trip. I was just rejoining them from the bakery and saw Sito fall - he was wearing Yu in front! My heart almost fell out of my mouth man! Sito said he heard a scream but I had no idea. Anyway, thankfully no one got hurt. Sito scrapped his knee a little and Yu was probably crying from shock - he was very near the ground but we didn't think he got a bump. 

The boys watched Jurassic Park for the nth time this evening, and we managed to get them to bed quite early to start our agenda - watching "Love Actually" together! We watched two minutes of it a few months back and decided to save it for Christmas :)

And these two nights, we danced a little in the living room. We still remember some waltz :) But just a little bit of dancing was enough to make us tired! Old already. And need to exercise!! We have grand plans to start exercising regularly when we move. I had a bad record of not using the gym when it was right downstairs - back in Evanston - so I must really stick to our plans!!

On to the last week of the year!

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