Sunday, 17 December 2017

Early birthday present!!

Usually, N was the one to get their clothes on Saturday morning. But yesterday, I was able to and went to the wardrobe. And I saw a big box right behind their clothes!

For me? Must be right?!

When did he buy it? I open this wardrobe only on Sundays, and I didn't do that for two weeks coz of Legoland. But I contained myself and sent the kids to school. I even did work and housework - and found the receipt dated Friday hoho! - before waking Sito to confirm it :p

It's a pink one!

And it comes with a stand!

Sito was sad that I found it so early. But our house so small, the box so big... A bit difficult to hide! Though I think he hid Kate Spade for more days than this - I wonder why.. Maybe coz I was too busy with newborn Yu??

Anyway, I fiddled with this hairdryer at Best Denki earlier this year and I couldn't bring myself to buy it. Well, problem has been solved by my laogong :)

I've always wanted to style my hair nicely. But I never had a conducive environment to do so. I mean, I need a table to hold the necessary tools, a big mirror and a nearby powerpoint, and I always lacked one or two of these. But we're getting a vanity cabinet at our new place with the perfect setup! So happy :)

For now, I use only the hairdryer without any attachments. So powerful! I felt very shiok using it :p No more singed hair!! And 美美 times coming very soon! Thank you, Sito laogong :)

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