Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Another AWESOME weekend!

But this time, we didn't hear the awesome song at all. Instead, it was all Ninjago - The Weekend Whip. Of course I had to google that hoho!

Friday, 8 Dec

We reused the last plan, i.e. sent the kids to school, packed, then picked them up for our noon departure. There was a slight queue at the Tuas checkpoint and then it was clear all the way, woohoo!

Our little boss

My other boys

Yang has many patterns Yang is very expressive...

Yang soon fell asleep but Kai refused to go down. Oh well. The baby dozed off as well, very near Legoland, So in the end, Yu napped for only 15 min *.*

Fat face was staring ahead for the minute before he gave in despite all our pokes

"But I don't want to go to Legoland!"

Decided against taking a ready room in the outside area, i.e. no aircon in the corridor, which is further away. That meant we would get our room in the evening. Planning cogs started to turn in my head.. But first, let's play!

We started with the junior driving school again

Then we decided to go clockwise this time. But turned out that this direction meant we went through a whole lot of rides that Yang couldn't go on - the dragon roller coaster, the VR roller coaster, and I don't know what else coz Sito took Kai for most of them. Poor Yang.

Yang met the height criteria but not the age so we sat out

But while Sito and Kai were on one of those rides, Yang and I found the Star Wars Miniland! We weren't familiar of course but Yang was excited at all the spaceships in the many rooms inside.

Happy Yang got to do something!

Yu couldn't take most stuff. But he was happy in his stroller most of the time, and looking around. Most importantly, he was oblivious to this :p

Happy with his wassant

We were waiting outside a toilet when Yang asked whether we could go beyond a wooden gate.

Mama: Oh no we can't. It's locked up.
Yang: But you see the man smashed the gate and went to the other side! (Something like that..)

The man...!!!

Kai wanted to go up the observation tower but we got distracted along the way. I didn't want to go up the Power Tower - damn siong looking at Sito do it the last time! But turned out that they let Yang through so we had to take one each...

My fave part - coming down!

We went into the queue for the observation tower already but a show happened to be starting soon so we went for the show. Kai: Ok, we'll watch the movie first... So resigned!

It was a 4D show and I love 4D shows! But it was so tough holding Yu! He couldn't wear the glasses so it was blur for him. But somehow he managed to sit still-ish after a while.

Before the show starte..

But poor Yang - at one point, a big spider came very "close" and he jerked back into his seat and started crying! I handed Yu to Sito and comforted him. He didn't like spiders!!

Happier on the observation tower

Up at last, Kai!

I sat out and changed his diaper!

Took the Duplo Express with these two who looked like a bickering couple here hoho!

The Duplo Express is in a playground. Quite nice that there are some four or five of these playgrounds around - no need to queue, and parents can take a break! But I hit my head against a railing in this playground. So painful!!

Kai drinking water next to the ninja Kai, Master of Fire!

Family photo of the day!

Somewhere nearby, we took the Beetle Bounce. This Yang sounded like he wasn't scared at all; he was just shouting for fun!!!

But we had an accident while queuing for the Beetle Bounce - Kai was climbing on the railing and somehow he fell and hit the back of his head. I looked down in shock to see him in a reverse crunch position, holding the side of his head with a pained expression. I cuddled him up and rubbed his head. He leaned on me for a few seconds and stood up. I asked him to sit out the ride coz I was afraid of that aggravating his head. But he insisted on going up. By the time we got on the ride, he told me "it's healed already" *.*

We also took the aeroplane rides a few times. Yang ran in and got a seat the first time round but there wasn't enough for Kai so he waited for the next round. There were fewer people in the next round so Yang and I continued. But Kai was livid and insisted we sat out. He found it unfair that Yang had more rounds than him! I had to remind him that Yang couldn't take a lot of the rides.

Next up - pizza for dinner! But only for the kids; the parents planned to go out :p Too messy to take photos during dinner itself..

This is called 好学不学 - in front of the food counter

Passed through Miniland on our way out

We had such a pleasant day at Legoland! There was no crowd, the weather was kind, we took so many rides compared to the last round. There were a few more rides that we couldn't go for coz they were wet rides. Need to dig out the boys' raincoats for our next trio!

Post-dinner ice cream time!

I left them all at Medini Mall while I dashed up to prepare for the evening. But I was so caught up trying to log on to the wifi to tell Sito the room number that I forgot to collect the suitcase! Had to go down again. My phone is dying - the left 5mm of the screen cannot sense my finger so no numbers no punctuation! I managed to do it by copying and pasting from Notes.

And I managed to prepare things in time. Turned out that Yang took a long time to finish his ice cream! Then everyone settled down and I let Yu sleep before bidding Kai and Yang goodnight and leaving for diner with my laogong.

Holiday - indulging Kai in YouTube Kids

Yang was VERY engrossed

The spread at Chua Kee!

I thought the food wasn't as nice as Tian Lai last time but the crabs were fantastic! Plus so easy to eat - I even had a whole gong that was peeled clean, yum! The whole meal cost RM217, lower than the last time but was more expensive given that we had fewer dishes this time.

Got back to the hotel to find Yu crying. I hurriedly showered etc and took my baby over from N. And we slept...

Saturday, 9 Dec

And we woke just before 6 am - very decent! Yang wanted milk so I offered hot formula milk - still had one last sample for his category! Kai was hungry so I gave him some too but he didn't like it. So I told him to go wake Papa :p

Happy with his milk

While Sito was in the toilet, Kai did the treasure hunt. He managed to read part of the questions! I was so happy :) He also opened the safe, I think, with some help from N while I was busy with stuff. I told them to keep the toys for later as we were going for breakfast soon.

And later, Sito and I discovered that both of us had separately checked the questions to ensure that there was no item under the trundle bed that had to be counted! We learnt from last time when we missed out two items under the trundle bed...

Yu was very happy to trot about!

He looked so pleased, sitting on the wardrobe floor

All ready for the Water Park!

Yu was sleepy before we set off but he couldn't be put down easily so we brought him out for his first water play experience! I think he wasn't sure what to make of it. The water in the wadding pool was warm enough, but wow, such a big pool of water! :p

He started touching the surface of the water in front of him. At his second try, his head went in! I was watching him and so caught him early so he didn't wet his whole head. He looked like, wth was that?! Quite funny! Oops, mean Mama :p

Exploring his new surroundings

Take selfies!

Taken by my body coz I left the camera on in my new waterproof pouch - I kept this coz I thought it was sweet :)

Yang refused to go to the bigger slides so we had fun on the small slides in the wadding pool. He could go up and down by himself now. So I took Yu with me - after the first couple of times, he pointed elsewhere and shook his head when we got to the top of the slides. But he was smiling on the way down!

Happy baby!

Source: N

We spotted Kai and Papa coming down a big slide!

Later, Sito brought Kai to the raft and we all saw them. Now, Yang got interested! So I left Yu with N and went with them.

My boys all geared up!

My laogong decided that he could relax already

In the meantime...

Source: N

But later, Yu joined us too! No more baby float so I did it manually

Source: N

We left the Water Park after that. While we showered, Sito went to pack lunch. And then we all napped! Well, I dozed off here and there, not completely coz Yu was sleeping in my arms. He napped for over two hours!

And then it was the theme park again!

Kai wanted the dragon roller coaster while Yang wanted the aeroplane so we split. We agreed to meet at the pizza place after two rounds but we only did one round coz it was quite crowded today! And before we got to the pizza place, Sito and Kai found us on our way. Turned out that he wanted the VR roller coaster, not the dragon one. So we went there and with Sito now carrying Yu, I went with Kai.

There was quite a queue. But Kai and I had a great time in those 50 min - we were chatting randomly, and he promised to teach me how to take the ride and protect me! Awww!

My sweet boy :)

When we got into the car, I thought it was quite filmsy and scary. I wanted to hold my boy. He refused *.* So I asked if he would hold me instead, and he did :) It turned out to be quite a scary ride!! I was screaming but he didn't make a sound *.* I really needed his hand more than he needed mine, in more ways than one...

In the meantime, Yang did some blocks in the Academy. But they were out before we were out. We were really queuing for quite long! Now we know Saturday afternoons are no good.

"Oops, I dropped my slipper!"

Found the life-size Kai outside the theatre!

We watched the live Ninjago show. Yu refused to sit so I carried him until very near the end when I decided to leave. When the rest came out, Yang said he was scared coz it was dark. Sito had to hug him every time he said he was scared. My poor baby again!

And then we took the train

Yang was happy too

Dinner was at Medini Mall. There was a part that we missed the last time. So glad to find decent Chinese food that suited the boys. Even Yu had some duck and rice! And this time, we had the ice cream on the way back to the hotel. Yu was sleepy so we settled him first since his brothers, especially Yang, were taking a long time to eat the ice cream.

And then Sito and I went out again - this time, we went shopping at AEON, changed some money and had a very shiok foot reflexology session at Eminent Reflexology across the road. So happy! Oh, we ended the night with Black Ball. So happy!

But it was very late when we got back. Yu was again up. I again hurriedly showered and went to settle my baby. We managed to sleep all the way to...

Sunday, 10 Dec

... 5.25 am!! No thanks to Yu.. And his brothers got up early too. It was a bad morning. Yu was very fussy and wanted me, and Kai kept asking me to help with his Lego treasure, but I really had to pack stuff away and get things ready for the day before Sito woke. I much prefer to do the chores while the bathroom is available, and relax when Sito is inside and I can't go in for food purpose coz poop :p

Oh, Yang did his Lego treasure yesterday. I forbade Kai from doing his due to some naughty thing he did.

Yang likes to cover his face

You can't tell from here but Yu was happy with strawberry yoghurt!

The bigger boys had some fun while waiting for the theme park to open

My big boys!

Yu fell asleep so N stayed with him while the rest of us went out, armed with a selfie stick! We got it from the goodie bag at the new child care centre open house, and never used it so far coz N was around to help with pictures. But now she wasn't around so...

Selfie shot!

Again, we split up for the roller coaster and aeroplane. But on our way to the aeroplane, we learnt that the inside areas would open only from 10 am; we had gone in 30 min earlier on the premium pass. And then Sito came around coz the other side wasn't open yet too.

So we went for the boat ride and were first in line!

We bumped into Gege and Papa!

Yang scraped his knees on the way but was quickly distracted by the aeroplane ride!

We took the ride four times in a row coz there wasn't any queue! We didn't even left the car! Yang was very very happy :)

And we spotted a beautiful yellow caterpillar on our way out

We were heading to the pizza place but passed by the Egyptian area. There was no queue for a particular ride so we went up!

All ready to set off!

The ride turned out to be a shooting game. My arm was quite tired from all that shooting. Yang was just holding the gun *.* But later he told me he was scared of the darkness. Oh no, my poor baby!!

It was getting late so instead of going to the pizza place, we turned back to the entrance/exit. I thought Sito would find us there and I was right! In fact, they got there first. But then Kai had a meltdown as we were leaving coz he wanted to take the dragon roller coaster again - he wanted his fourth time! So interesting that they both wanted four times! But too bad, we had to go.

Yu was still sleeping when we got back but he swiftly woke with all the din his brothers were making! And then we went downstairs. Turned out we had to wait some 15 min for the car this round. And a cockroach climbed on to Yu's car seat! I blew it and it ran off - so scared! *.*

Mama's sad face vs. baby's crying face

Kai and Yang both fell asleep. We got trapped at the JB side of the checkpoint for some 45 min. And then it was quite smooth.

Again, we didn't go out for lunch. The boys were all awake but it just seemed so much work to eat outside... So Sito packed lunch. And that just about ended our second and last Legoland adventure of the year!

This morning, Kai told me he kept thinking of Legoland. Yes, we will go back again. And next year, Yang would be four and could take more rides - yeah!

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