Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Huat ah! (part 2)

Yesterday eight years ago, we had our big party and moved into Holland. We made a nice bay window in our room, dreaming of having tea and chatting or reading together there. Yesterday, we sat there together to drink tea for the first time.

Hey, better late than never?!

We thought, ok, I thought that we are going to move soon so we'd better make use of it like we meant to use it! At least once! And this once was a quick one. I finished my coffee (gosh, not even tea!) and then Sito finished his tea. And then he decided the bed was more comfortable - "we used to have cushions there!" And he was right...

At least we took a photo!

The second agenda of the day was lunch. We headed to Tanjong Pagar and I was shocked to find the MRT so different now! I almost couldn't find my way to Amoy (St)! I worked in the area for some five years in total and it's only now that it's more happening?! At the same time, I also felt a bit sad that I'm no longer familiar with a place that held so much memories...

My laogong with his lobster roll!

And me with my 350g of ribeye! (The guy almost gave me the 600g version!!)

I thought we could go to the Popular book fest but I got the date wrong! Anyway, we meant to be in the Suntec area to check out home goods at Harvey Norman across the road...

First, me with two bears ^_^

We ended up spending a lot of time looking at sofas, dining tables, washing machines, fridges and TVs! In the end, we bought a French door fridge, a washer-dryer and two TVs - one for the living room and one for the bedroom.

The salesperson was telling us about all the latest TVs and what picture quality. Later when we both sat down, we decided that we couldn't tell the difference in quality! So we settled on the cheapest we could find - $680 for 49-inch, good deal! The rest had a bulk discount deal for our development, thanks to a neighbour.

And we were not done yet! Next was the furniture shop behind our place. It's a neighbourhood shop but I checked it out on Mum's recommendation before and they had catalogues of stuff! So we decided we could get our bed frames and dining set from there, but would consider the sofa a bit more.

So our eighth turned out to be very admin... Oh well, busy period for us! We can't wait to move! Our ninth will definitely be in Bukit Panjang! :)

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