Sunday, 24 December 2017

Excursions with animals

Kai and Yang had separate excursions. I decided to go with Yang since I went with Kai to animal farm during his time. Some more, Kai's excursion was on our anniversary so well :p

Happy on the bus! Wearing the school hat - so cute!

We went to the Animal Resort at Seletar. The session started with a briefing by a not-so-friendly lady. Then we split into two groups coz there were two busloads of us!

His group had their snack first and he couldn't take his eyes off the animals

During the snack time, a classmate of Yang whined whenever a fowl got near the table. Guess no feeding for him?!

But Yang was raring to go! We got to choose our feed, and he choose fish, probably remembering feeding YQ's fish in AMK...

Yang gave his friend H some fish food too

Then a chicken ate out of his little hand!

The chicken was hungry. It pecked me. But Yang didn't seem to mind! He was quite quiet but he looked like he was enjoying it.

Let's feed the rabbits!

The rabbits didn't seem to take to the rabbit feed so I bought carrots and bird feed etc for Yang.

That's a posed smile - a bit unnatural haha!

Eat, rabbit, eat!

Let's feed more fish!

A more natural pose!

So it was at this second fish pond that an incident happened... Little H came over to join Yang to feed the fish. And somehow, she leaned too far forward. Just as I thought, is she going to fall, she fell head in! I think I stared with my mouth wide open while her mum calmly put down her little brother and grab her up!

By then, she was all wet. And of course crying. She said something like, my mouth...! She was stripped down to nothing but thankfully, other parents came forth with extra clothes. To this day, Yang remembered "the fish ate her"!

Tired out on the way back

Yang woke when we got to the school. And while he was happily being led off, I said a quick bye and went home to work.

Kai refused to tell me about his excursion coz I couldn't tell him what was for dinner that evening. Ya!! And even today, he refused to say anything about it!! YAAA!

But, the school has a Facebook page heh! :p

Kai stroked a rabbit that looked like a panda

He fed a goat with his friend A

And he read a map

No wonder he kept wanting the map at Legoland!

We're now going into their last week at Global Tots. I'm so sad that they would be leaving their friends, including some from their infant care days! I wonder if they are / will be sad...

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