Sunday, 17 December 2017

Concert 2017

So I forgot about the kids' concert, oops... But Mama has been busy... *excuses* But seriously, I have been busy. And tired. And sick. Better late than never? :p

Expensive ticket - $42 I think!

The concert saw kids from two branches. The theme is MTV. Many of the songs were Korean though. Kai like the Braddell K1/K2 song so I was glad I took a video of it! Kai's song was a mixed Mandarin tune from Stefanie and something else, 飞得更高. It was a mostly slow piece with simple moves but slow for children must be so difficult!! Yang danced to That Power, lots of jumping and lots of energy!

Kai is third from the left

Yang is fifth from the right

I've been having difficulty posting on YouTube so no video here :( Ok, I admit, I'm also lazy!! But anyway the videos are quite long. And each had two dances - a main one and a short one when they introduced the various classes at the end.

Well done, boys!

Yang just didn't want his face shown!

So handsome with his hair done up :)

Bright smile! But taken by his teacher on rehearsal day

Source: Teacher Z

And his super 拽 look!

Source: School Facebook

I don't like the costumes this year, also at $42 a set (!) - no chance of reusing for Racial Harmony Day hoho! In fact, Yang's blue washed out right away so I threw it away, leaving only the glove. But gloves!!!

But we did enjoy ourselves. And considering that this is their last concert with their school, how can I not let them join?? Kai was also singing his song quite a bit, and I'm glad coz it was a Mandarin song. Anytime they speak Mandarin, I'm happy!

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