Sunday, 4 August 2019

Catching up with my growing boys

Trying to do a quick catchup of the past month or so.

Yu's hair got very long all of a sudden. When he woke in the morning, his hair would be either very flat or very messy. I was thinking of cutting it after our trip to Cameron Highlands in case he got cold but he wanted to cut yesterday.

When asked to pose - hair very long!

Yu could get a haircut on his own now!

"What's that feeling??"

Happy to see himself botak :)

The scar from the fall in May - I showed it to Yang!

Yu could also peddle forward slightly now :)

And this boy was so cute that day when I confiscated Yang's penguin coz he used it hit me a few times on purpose. Yang was sad in the room and Yu was on the throne.

Yu: Mama, can you give Yangyang his owl?
Mama: Owl?
Yu: .... Penguin?
Mama: No, coz he used it to hit me on purpose. He shouldn't have done that right?
Yu: Coz Yangyang is funny, heh heh!
Mama: I didn't think that was funny!!!!

Got some activity books for the three of them a while back. Finally let them do it one weekend. But I was very upset when Kai gave up on his puzzles just coz it went from picture to word puzzles, and pulled out all of Yu's stickers instead!

Yu happily pulling out stickers

Yang having fun with mazes and tracing letters etc over and over again

Kai at his first puzzle

Two weeks ago, I woke on a Sunday knowing there was work to be done. But I promised them a trip to the hawker centre so I put all thoughts of work aside and off we went! Bought a cheapo purse each for N and me and some fruits before we called it a day.

Their first experience with rambutans at the market!

They're all growing up so much. I want to do a lot with them - go cycling outside, go walk the parks, find different food to try, watch plays etc. How I wish I have more energy!

A glimpse into our future, when Yu could join them!

I hope they will grow ever so close as they grow up :)

But I'm sure they won't be as flexible, hoho!

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