Sunday, 4 August 2019

The foot incident

It is like the thumb incident, but worse.

Friday, 2 Aug, I was about to send Kai to school. He was sitting right outside the door. I opened the door and turned back to address the brothers at the same time. And AHHH! I caught my foot in the door!

I put down my bag, limped over to the sofa and got N to bring me tissue. I had to hold on to the painful toe - the second on my right - for some time. When I let go, it was still painful. Got an icepack instead. Much better.

Went in to give it a rinse but as I came out, I felt faint and pukish. I recalled my thumb incident and somehow managed to get to the sofa without fainting. But I couldn't move anymore. I told N to send Kai to school, and got Yang and Yu to get Sito to save me.

Sito helped me to bed and there I was for a while. Yang massaged my thigh and calf, Yu patted my chest. So nice of them :) Kai wasn't so nice earlier - he was concerned with whether he would be late :(

Open wounds on two parts of the toe :(

Getting swollen!

After Sito took Yang and Yu to school, I continued to lie there and felt much better. Then I decided to go to work. I even declined a ride from R coz that was 30 min away and I was confident of getting to office earlier by the MRT then by taxi.

Well, the swelling made me limp, and I realised I couldn't go down escalators so my progress was hampered. But make it to office, I did. At one point in the morning, I looked at my toe and found a big black bruise on the underside! And later about 2 pm, I felt a little cold in that toe, and decided to go see a doctor.

Big black bruise!

Doc assured me it was not a weight-bearing part of the body and I should be fine. But he also recommended an x-ray. I was reluctant but after discussing with Sito, I went the next morning coz we're going to Cameron Highlands next week.

By night time, it was more red than black

I bundled it up for bedtime

I remember hours and hours of waiting at AMK polyclinic when I was a child. It was immensely frustrating. But I also know that polyclinics have improved greatly since then. And diagnostics should probably be faster than the regular consultation?

I waited for maybe 30 min for my turn. The wait for results was supposed to be an hour but I returned from the nearby market (had laksa for $2.50 and bought kiddy PJs!) after 50 min and got it.

Read the results on the bus back - fracture at base of distal phalanx! I did not expect that. I didn't recall opening the door with much force! That means a recovery time of two to three months instead of weeks! Anyway, I went back to the same doc and got a buddy bandage.

"Hi, buddy!"

The bruise has been draining off the toe since yesterday. But it's still painful. And without this, I might not have realised just how often the boys step on me or ram into me! Living with kids is living dangerously, hoho!

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