Sunday, 4 August 2019

Kai is seven!

The Saturday before Kai's birthday, he attended his childhood friend, A's birthday party. We came back to let him choose a present from the poo poo shop before a dinner of his choice - udon of course! We had cake the next day - we came to this decision after a discussion since he doesn't eat cake since no-idea-when!

Seven cupcakes for his seventh!

He got to blow his candle :)

And he had to go to school on his birthday, no choice! I had wanted to take half day to bring him out after school, but I had a workshop that day... But as it turned out, there was Youth Day! So I got his agreement to do his birthday day out on Youth Day instead :)

I thought of bringing him to the luge but he seemed to be uncertain about that. So we decided to go watch a movie instead.

On our way to Vivocity

He was playing with his present when he spotted a couple smiling at him and got all shy

We were trying to get tickets at the machine when he said he didn't want to watch Aladdin anymore and pointed to another show - some horror movie, no!!!!! Anyway, we had to go to the counter to get tickets in order to get the student discount.

And then we went to Harbourfront!

I showed him the baby spa which he used to go to every week. He asked me whether he could still go... Um, no, not since he was a baby!

Went to the Vivocity playground for a short while - too hot!

We got some Garrett popcorn for the movie, oops... He was so impatient to get to the popcorn! But I told him beforehand that he would have to wait until the movie started. The move was quite long and he sat through and laughed at parts. He said he enjoyed it. Yeah, outing success!

Went for lunch at the Ichiban at Vivo - yes, udon! But he didn't like it there. I tried it - it seemed saltier than the one near home.

Playing with his rubik cube while waiting for lunch

Passed by the candy shop to get some jelly beans for him before going home. He was raring to get to his PS3!! I went to get some ice cream for him to have for afternoon tea on his birthday :)

Happy birthday, chubby cheeks!

He's skinny everywhere else...

If that is a guai pose, this is a cheeky one!

Had dinner with the extended family on Saturday so that we wouldn't get home too late on Sunday night. There was an interesting dish - chicken wrapped and cooked in clay!

Kai and Yang had fun blowing out the flame lit under the clay

And breaking the clay!

I think they would be even more thrilled if it were ice cream inside! :p

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