Sunday, 4 August 2019

Our first plays

It has been very busy at work - which extended to weekends when Yu would wail while I worked - such that I have little time and energy to do other things. Yet in the past month, we happened to have booked tickets to two plays.

The first was SmartyPants and the Swordfish, a play about bullying. I meant for Sito to bring Kai and Yang coz I thought he might do a better job at unpacking the lessons in the play, but he took ill that weekend so I brought them instead.

The kids could sit on the floor but they mostly sat sat with me - Kai on a chair and Yang on me. The cast was playing basketball and invited the audience to join in. Yang went at one point but when they asked for his name, Kai shouted out his name so Yang turned around and ran back! He said he didn't want Kai to sit on his seat, gee...

It was quite interactive as well as we got to throw paper balls, spears and even swordfish at the cast at various points of the play. And coz it was the last run of the play, we got to bring some props home!

They chose the spears - and Yang got a third one for Yu

We went for the second play yesterday. It was Fantastic Mr Fox - in Mandarin! 了不起的狐狸爸爸 had a cast of six playing all the roles. We could sing the song of the farmers coz it was quite catchy, though I have to make up the second part of the lyrics myself :p

I bought the book - English version - some weeks ago but never got down to finishing it. But after the play, Yang was interested to read the book - I'm so happy!

Vitagen man!

Us, just before the played started

After the play ended, Yang wanted to go up to see the seats above

Of the two, Yang was undoubtedly the more interested one. Both times, he wanted to watch it again by the time we got to the end. On the other hand, Kai was whining about it not being a movie, wanting to stay at home to play PS, "is it in Chinese?!" etc. I recall our trip to Spain, when we watched flamenco. Yang could sit still to watch the whole thing while Kai either fell asleep or was running about!

We're going to get tickets for Gingerbread Man next - it stars from October and is for three and up so Yu could make it!

Looking forward to enjoying more theatre with them :)

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