Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Happy National Day! From elsewhere!

I had two tickets to NDP preview on 3 Aug but was informed about it quite late. We already had tickets to Fantastic Mr Fox so we gave the preview tickets to Mum and Dad. Also missed the parade on TV coz we took a short trip over the National Day-Haji long weekend. I think this was the second time I spent National Day abroad, excluding the years when we were studying overseas.

But I was glad to have the chance to sing the 2019 song with the boys on the eve. We have been listening to this song on TV so we were all familiar with it. Kai brought back a Singa booklet from school a couple of days before, and he sang from the lyrics. He was especially good with the rap! Yu accompanied the rap with a finger pointing down like in the MV :) While Yang couldn't read, he remembered some parts from listening and sang along. And we could all sing the ohohoh!

My boys in red and white!

The big one as he left school

So where were we? Cameron Highlands and Kuala Lumpur!

Friday, 9 August

Kai and Yang woke far too early. Too excited? We left the house at 7 am and got to Terminal 4 by 7.30 am. I'd never been to this new terminal. Everything is new and nice. The tray system at the security checkpoint is quite cool! Love the toilets - so spacious and toddler-friendly. Yu had to poo, and I could disinfect the seat while he was able to reach the sink easily. Heard there's a Japanese bidet but I wouldn't know coz I was in a hurry - Yu had to be tricked off me so that I could go pee...

Oh, and key point to note - they allow one bottle of water for kids. Unfortunately, we were told as we drained the water...

Cutie pie on Papa's shoulders on the way to breakfast at T4

Hashbrown in one hand and McMuffin in the other

Must touch everything

Yang posed nicely :)

Yu was having so much fun!

Pining for the aeroplane...

Our plane!

Someone couldn't wait for take-off to have his lolly!

This is a most bo hua flight for parents with lollipops meant to help with ear pressure. Within an hour, the kids got to have two lollipops!

Not this kid - he slept through landing

There was a long wait at immigration. The queue system sucked. When we finally got into a queue for a counter, the speed was excruciatingly slow. Sito had to queue at another line, bringing Kai and Yang, and we waited until it was clearly going to be his turn before we went over. Along the way, I fished out the new teddy bears for the boys - I wrote their names on the bears :)

We met Popo et al and had lunch at Mitsui Outlet Park. Popo was very funny, told me to go have a girl now that Yu was bigger, coz good to have a girl! Um, I said something along the lines of 天注定 and realised later that I had used a mix of Hokkien and Cantonese in those three words! Later I also heard her telling Mum that Yang had "zabor bin" and (I) still had a boy (Yu).

We boarded the minibus at 3.05 pm. It was almost 9 pm when we reached our hotel in Cameron Highlands!! It was such a painful ride. Luckily Yu napped for quite a bit. When he was up, we chatted about Legoland (again!). The boys were also happy to have some snacks at around 6 pm. That was soon followed by a pee stop. The boys shared some ice cream.

Kai: How come Yu's legs don't reach the floor like mine??

Snack time! Kai was the main distributor...

The second half of the bus ride was more eventuful. Yu who refused to pee at the pee stop decided that he needed to pee! So we gave him a bag - and that leaked! I had some pee in my hands...

We also had a slight change in seating so Yang was with us instead. Found it a bit sad that he was sitting on this own coz Yu was sitting in my lap on a separate seat. Not enough hands to sayang all my babies :(

For a while, he was staring out of the window. Suddenly he turned and told us that he wanted to be a teacher! Although later he said he wanted to be some superhero *.* And Yu followed suit to say he wanted to be Batman... Yu could also do the gesture like Spiderman squirting web, so funny...

Yu puked on the windy road up. Peppermint oil came out too late.. Just glad that I wasn't affected and could comfort my little boy.

We ordered dinner here until they moved us to a regular table

Sito and I shared a room with Yu while Mum and Dad kindly took Kai and Yang away. Our rooms were adjoining so they were dashing in and out at times. The hotel was really nice - Cameron Highlands Resort. No aircon but cooling nonetheless. It was almost midnight when we, including the kids, finally slept...

Saturday, 10 August

The soundproofing wasn't too good. Or maybe our adjoining doors were ajar. I heard Mum's 6.30 am alarm and went back to sleep. Finally at 8 am, Kai and Yang wanted their shoes and made a lot of noise. So I woke. With a cold :(

Yu fiddling with his vitamins

Posing while waiting for the bus

Yu followed how I put my hand on his leg on the bus, so cute!

Our first stop was a lavender farm, which also had other flowers and stuff. But the strawberries were the size of grapes so we didn't let the kids go pick them. We were just hanging around the place, resting and taking pictures until it was time to go. And I even bumped into an old classmate!

Purple bear bear! Bigger than the one at home!

Helping his brother on the swing

Two small bums sharing a swing

From the purple castle window

"Banana man!"

The boys played ji gu pah on the bus - thanks to Papa!

Yu napped on my lap

Very soon, Yang also took a nap. So we stayed in the bus while the rest went to a tea plantation. I also wanted to go! Issit that what Cameron Highlands is all about?! Though Jiejie said boring. So Kai decided to take a walk with Papa to take a few pictures for me :)

Looks nice!

We had lunch at an eatery and returned to the hotel. The boys weren't napping but they had various gadgets and were happy. I guiltily left them to go for a massage with Sito!

Just don't touch my broken toe...

Returned to our room for a short while and found that there was a balcony! And then we went to find our kids who just started on a trail organised by the hotel.

Happily colouring! So guai! Minder next to them

Their next stop took them to right under our balcony

Yup, we followed them haha! But we hurriedly turned back when Yang spotted us!! And we turned into the lounge area for hi-tea, yeah!

But their trail ended before our hi-tea arrived. Ah well.. So we had kids dashing about us for the next hour or so. They had candies from the trail and so were quite occupied with whether they could eat them all...!

Watching Papa play games, hmmm...

Yu trying to trade a candy with Kai :p

Here comes our food! Must take picture

Next was a pasar malam at Golden Hill. We took a short walk there, made longer by my koala bear clinging onto me. Luckily, he let AhYe carry at some point.

Yang spotted a big fat centipede along the way

I spotted these plants with gourds

That's my baby walking along with his new umbrella!

Yu let Papa carry on the way back - he patted his back :)

Dinner was steamboat at the hotel!

We ate so much. Even the kids had quite a bit. At one point, Yu wanted to poo but halfway back to the room, he decided he wanted to eat first. So we went back for dessert and he broke a glass *.* We had an earlier night...

Sunday, 11 August

We left Cameron Highlands shortly after breakfast. The journey thankfully took less than four hours! Lunch was at a Chinese restaurant at Pavilion. Yu wanted the ice from Sito's ice water but there was no more ice left. He was sad and cried quietly - "I want ice"... So heartbreaking! Sito decided to get another glass of ice water even though we were starting to leave the restaurant.

Then we went back to our room and rested until evening. We all took a nap :)

Baby napped in the bus again

Then he had an egg coz he didn't eat breakfast

Just quietly playing with his bear bear :)

Dinner was at Oversea - not a typo! Yang and Yu loved the char siew! It was a short walk from the hotel but we took a taxi for the kids. Going there was fine but coming back, I had a shock when I packed the kids in the car with me and looked up to see that there was no more space for Sito! I was still ill and all three boys were proving to be quite a handful this trip, with all the running and chasing around. But my dear husband ran back to the hotel and got there 5-10 min after we got there :)

I liked this hotel - the bathroom had a separate lockable toilet so that I could wash up while Sito took his time! But this evening, Sito stepped out to get something sweet after I was done showering. So I just washed up etc with Yu occupied with Ryan in Legoland and occasionally telling me whether he could or could not take a certain ride!

By the time I was done, Sito got back. I settled the boy to bed while Sito showered. Then, we sat down to watch the last part of Black Panther on TV with bubble tea :)

Monday, 12 August

No alarm this morning! We woke shortly after 8 am - what bliss! Gave Yu some popcorn while I prepared and packed etc. By the time we were ready, the rest were coming back from breakfast, oops... When we sat down, the boy decided he didn't want to eat! So I sent him over to Mum and Dad.

And this was what he did - retro colours!

We went for a walk in the mall before checking out. Then it was lunch at a Hakka restaurant at the mall. I was still full from breakfast!

Funny faces in mirror at the mall

Looking at Lego sets

Taking turns to sit on a "hole" in the giant ice cream and posing sweetly!

Massaging Papa at lunch time, or strangling him?!

Finally it was time to go home! We planned to set off early in case of traffic and immigration queues. Turned out we got there within an hour. So Yu napped for only a short while. We settled at Macs for tea. The boys ate quite a bit of fries and nuggets and ice cream!

"I want to go aeroplane...

Window seat for the tot!

And then he didn't want the aeroplane. But we were halfway home?! Anyway, can't remember exactly now but I think we were seated in this sequence when Yu counted from 1 to 100! He did it on his own until 30 and then managed all the ones; all the 10s were 30 :p He had some difficulties in the 70s but he got through with a bit of prompting from me. So proud of him! :)

At first we thought we wouldn't need dinner coz of the Macs. But the boys wanted to eat. So we went to London Fat Duck at departures. The boys' noodles took some time to arrive and turned out to be quite peppery! Kai had a crying episode - it was baffling to us so I decided to send him to school the next day to understand more. But he refused to tell me until bedtime. My dear boy, who would you tell if not me? Well, at least at this age...

So that was how we concluded the trip. It was tiring coz we spent so much time on the road and managing the kids. It was yummy coz food ya! It was enlightening coz we learnt a little bit more about our kids - some good, some bad - and also ourselves as parents. We now look forward to our next trip - to Legoland of course!

Also looking forward to this Sunday for NDP replay on TV, yeah!

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