Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Almost set for home...

Finally settled Sito's flight home! We tried to redeem air miles but his date must be too hot - no luck for many weeks and many tries so we decided to just buy a one-way flight.

So three days ago, I tried to make the booking on Cathay Pacific website but failed, probably cos we used his student credit card for quite a bit of other stuff earlier in the day. This has happened before so, fine, we tried the next day. This time, the page was loading the visa verification page when suddenly, it flashed the payment page again. Fine, I keyed in the details again and hit submit. Then the system told me it was already processing an order. Um, ok... Time to call them to confirm!

And as I was on the phone, I saw that the available fund in his credit card dropped drastically suddenly! Probably the cost of the ticket? But the airline said Sito's name wasn't in the system. As credit card payment details usually take a few days to show online, I called the bank and found that it was indeed the ticket! So I called the airline back but somehow couldn't get through - it wasn't that I was put on hold; I simply couldn't get through the 1800 number. Fine, let's wait a day to see if we get the emailed itinerary but nop, nothing appeared in my inbox. I called again but the line was still engaged so I emailed them instead.

Now, at lunch today, WSY was just telling me how a friend tried to buy an air ticket from Southwest but was told that the transaction failed. She tried three times and later found out that she was charged three times! The airline did not accept responsibility and would only give flight credits when pressed. That was just ridiculous - how could they charge a card three times for the same person on the same flight?! That got me very worried!

When I got back and saw not even an automated reply in my inbox, I called the airline again. Got through on the second try, phew! Then I was told by the machine to call another number for internet booking support. So I did that, and was told that there was a charge but there was no associated booking!! Thankfully, they acknowledged the whole thing and told me that they would release the internet charge and transferred me to make a phone reservation. I was told that the reservations department was aware of the internet charge and would only charge us later. That was smooth! Phew! But one thing is for sure - we're not going to use their rubbish internet booking again!

Anyway, check out my lunch today! Portobello sandwich with asparagus grits!

WSY and I seemed to have similar taste - we both ordered portobello sandwich and at our last lunch, we also decided on the same main course! She's due in two weeks so we had some fun looking at each other's belly haha! She isn't that much bigger than me. Does that mean I'm big or she's small? Hmmm...

But this lunch sent my glucose level through the roof! I started monitoring yesterday and my readings were all ok - max 100mg/dL - yesterday. But two hours after this lunch, I hit 147mg/dL; I'm supposed to keep it below 120mg/dL *.* Maybe it's the bun? I had fried rice for dinner and my reading for that was ok. Have to continue to monitor to see what food is bad for me and baby.. Be seeing a specialist this Saturday too..

Oh, as I was typing the airline story, baby was having fun inside. I could even see furious tappings from within! But the moment I whipped out my iPhone for a video to show Sito, he decided that he had enough fun... My 3-min video probably captured only a few taps. But soon after I resumed typing, he started playing again! And he reduced his movements again when the phone was out! Oh well, let's see if he'll cooperate later when Sito comes home...

So, with his flight settled, I can go back to focus on the big move. Oh, and Mum has settled our accommodation for May to July before our apartment is ready. So yes, all that's left for us to do is to pack the stuff we want, get rid of stuff we don't, and say bye bye to our friends and Evanston! I'm smelling Singapore already :)

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