Monday, 9 April 2012

Round round mf at 26w3d

Moment of truth - I gained 8.8kg since the beginning! Based on various pregnancy weight gain charts, I'm pretty near the higher end of the normal range.

And I'm having a yummy 馒头 as I type :)

And considering if I should add crunchy peanut butter to my supper :))

Had my 6th checkup this morning. Waited 30 min to pee into a cup, another 30 min before my weight and blood pressure were taken, and another 20 min before I saw the doctor (actually intern!). This intern was very nice and patient - she was the first to look through my file with me to go through stuff! So we spent 10 min in the room, talking, measuring belly, listening to baby's heartbeats and doing the dreaded cervix check, which turned out ok cos she gave me a hand to squeeze - so sweet right?

Then, it was another 20 min or so before I was called in for the glucose test - had to drink this sweet drink. And they could only take my blood an hour later. Why couldn't they have given me the drink at the beginning? That would have saved me a whole hour!

Ok, I just finished my 馒头 without resorting to peanut butter.

But I'm now considering a second 馒头 *.*

Anyway... Well, this is all free for me so I can't really complain...

And talk about free - we have a free event this weekend: Singapore Day in New York! Woohoo!

Ok, so it isn't free cos we have to fly ourselves there and get a hotel. But poor Sito wants some nice Singapore food. He's pretty excited about it :) I'm more excited about the idea of participating in the event - as opposed to organising it! And of course, our long-awaited dinner the day before at Peter Luger :)

So, what do we expect? Long queues for the food! Hope we can see the stage clearly from the queues so we're entertained along the way.. Will also be trying to catch up with some friends, including the organisers later that day if they can finish tidying up early!

Baby, we're going on another holiday yeah!

PS: Ok, I'm having the second 馒头 *.* With PB!!

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