Monday, 30 April 2012

Baby updates at 29w3d

Just had yet another prenatal check-up today. My doctor was on holiday so I was attended to by a midwife. She said baby was head down - as at this morning - with his back on my left. I like to imagine what he's doing when I feel him move :) Which is very often these days. He moves less when I'm moving, and he seems to know when I lie down (as opposed to just sitting down) and when I wake up. Very fun, especially when he rolls against my belly wall :)

Also handed in my "assignment" at the clinic today. For the whole day from Sunday 10 am to Monday 9.30 am, I peed into a paper cup and poured everything into a huge can. Had to remember to do that three times in the middle of the night too. And that huge can of pee stood between the milk can and the water bottle on the top shelf of the fridge during that time *.* Doc instructed me to keep it in the fridge *.*

Otherwise, this was a very unnecessary checkup. She made a copy of my glucose level log and handed me an order for yet another ultrasound, and sent me on my way! I could have faxed them my log, and I don't think I have time for another ultrasound cos I can't get an appointment right away plus it takes time for the results to get sent to the clinic AND my last check-up is next Monday. I shall just ignore that and leave it to Singapore..

So, anyway, after almost a week of tracking my food intake and glucose levels, I'm thankful that I can still eat white rice and pasta! Potato and white bread - and a huge mug of hot chocolate! - will spike my glucose level. Pretty sad though, cos I love them potato and white bread! I combined them when I made seafood chowder last night :) But my glucose level hit an all-time high *.*

Felt my first Braxton Hicks contraction - or at least this was the first I felt! - yesterday while I was in the toilet. At first, I just felt strange.. Can't describe it.. Anyway, the entire lower half of my belly turned rock hard! But it didn't hurt at all. Got Sito to feel it too :) And it happened again this morning as I was goro-ing in bed. Guess it's going to be a frequent occurrence from now..

Let me share an imaginary conversation with baby last week..

Baby: Mama, look at me!

*kick and punch and roll*

My whole belly was shaking. And when I whipped out my camera, he stopped. And a minute after I put down the camera, he moved again!

Repeat above n times.

mf: 很好玩 hor?!

Can't wait for real conversations with him! :)

PS: At a lecture at Kellogg this evening, I had a small water bottle resting on my belly when he kicked, and the bottle made a little jerk! :p

PS2: Note to self - don't lift my legs one by one anymore; it hurts! This will have a huge impact on how I pull leggings on and off and how I dry my calves and feet in the shower *.*

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  1. Yes! The lifting of legs one by one is quite a challenge! And I've been finding it quite a challenge to cut my toenails too these days! Anyway, jia you together! Looking forward to catching up face to face soon!


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