Thursday, 19 April 2012

Baby shower!

The girls threw a baby shower for me and baby today!

The first time I heard of a baby shower was in Friends where Rachel had a baby shower. It was and still is a very strange concept to me that family and friends buy useful baby things for parents-to-be. And you can even set up a gift registry for it! I guess baby gifts are more useful before delivery than after, when parents would have got everything they need already. But I think we'll still have a little first month cele with the family in August - no present required :)

So, when in Rome, do as the Romans do, right? The first baby shower I attended was A's last year, and I was one of the organisers for M's baby shower two months after. And now, my baby shower!

There was so much food! C made her delicious coconut and apple pudding, T prepared healthy fruit jelly (no sugar added!) and potato pie, R made an amazing chocolate pudding and ham and cheese sandwiches, and A brought some cookies. I contributed a banana walnut cake.

After some time mingling around and playing with babies, we had a movie time - C made me a slideshow! That was the sweetest thing! Really made me realise that despite such a short time together with these girls, we have had a lot of good times together.. It's not really sinking in at this moment but I think it's something that I can watch and cry in a few weeks' time...

We played a little game of pictionary - words associated with baby :) Everyone drew so well but me! I got "baby bag" and I drew a bag and a baby, and I put an arrow from baby to bag *.* I should have known cos Sito always had difficulty guessing my "draw something" :(

When it was gift time, I had a shock when I opened the first card - I saw a stack of cash! They had gone the angbao way cos they didn't want to clutter my luggage! It was very considerate and generous of them. Baby, you have your first angbao of $265 to start your first wardrobe!

The bear is from L - for me! Haha! Made from alpaca hair from alpacas in the Peruvian Andes. It's so so soft! I've named him Al-kun :)

Thanks, everyone! :)

Will add on more photos and the movie when I get them... Probably next week as we're going on a weekend road trip tomorrow!

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