Thursday, 5 April 2012

Something new at 25w5d (or even earlier?)

Yesterday from about after lunch, I felt regular light taps at the pelvic area, on and off, almost all the way until bed time. At first, I thought, wow, baby is getting really active!

Then, it dawned on me this morning that baby could be hiccuping! So cute! :) I don't know if I might have felt that already before yesterday but yesterday was the first time I felt so much movement inside, even though much of it were involuntary. Hmmm, foetal movements are all involuntary right? Um, not sure.. Anyways...

Was chatting with Sito last night. It's so nice to be pregnant when both of us aren't working - we have the time to experience the 40-week journey together (ok, minus the penultimate four weeks) and be amazed at the changes that are taking place in both baby and me. Future pregnancies will be less of a novelty since we will be familiar with the key milestones already. And when both are us are working, I doubt we'll have the luxury to stop and wow at every stage. Must treasure our remaining nua-ing time together :)

And this baby is especially fortunate too - Sito will be a full-time papa for the first few weeks! Nice to have him share the hard(er) work in the beginning. Although I suspect we'll be sharing him with Diablo 3 too...! We're not planning to get a confinement nanny but we'll be ordering confinement food for lunch; I want to have normal food for dinner so I won't get (too) sick of sesame oil, ginger and all those confinement seasoning and ingredients too quickly.. Or nosebleed!

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