Monday, 23 April 2012

Update at 28w3d

We're in the third trimester! :)

We saw baby again on Friday - he's looking rounder! :) No 3D image this time though.. That was a follow-up to check on his neck but the sonographer saw no thickness this time so yay! :) He was weighing 1106g and his heart was galloping at 153bpm! Also saw this little line on the scan printout that says my EDD could be 9 July instead of 14 July. Um, is baby somewhat bigger than expected? *.*

Baby is such a cheeky boy. When he starts to kick, I will look at my belly to catch the movement - oh yes, it's visible now! But he seems to know and stops kicking! I foresee hide-and-seek games in future hoho!

Had another check-up today. Was surprised to see a gain of only half a kg since two weeks ago cos I ate soooo much last weekend! But well, I'm not complaining.. I should really watch my weight carefully, control carbs and sugar intake from now cos of the following not-so-fun update..

So... I had a glucose test two Mondays ago. The doctor told me to just eat normally so I did. Well, I flunked it. The doctor called me the day after the test but I was away and Sito in his post-nap state did not ask. I half suspected that I flunked the glucose test already but it wasn't until Thursday that I heard it from the doc cos she wasn't in on Wednesday.

I went for the horrible three-hour test on the Tuesday after Singapore Day. I had to fast overnight for that. The clinic was quite empty when I went at opening time. But it wasn't until I asked them when it would be my turn that they finally called me in - 50 minutes after my arrival! And I could only eat three hours later - what a torture for someone used to having breakfast :(

They took four tubes of blood from me - before the drink, and one each hour after the drink. But I had five holes in my arms cos blood didn't flow once. Poor veins!

Result? FAILED!!! :( At first I was getting happy that the doctor hadn't called cos the last time, she called the day after. But well, got the call on Thursday - two tubes of blood had elevated readings, sighs... So I got a prescription today for the glucose meter and a doctor's order to see a diabetes educator some time this week.

From tomorrow, I'll have to prick "a finger I don't like" for blood when I wake, and two hours after each main meal. By the time I'm done with this 12 weeks later, all my fingers would probably have figured out that I'm a very fair person *.* Let's do some maths - 12*7*4 = 336 holes in my fingers! Better spread them out, sighs...

And they got me to do a 24-hour urine test too - took four more tubes of blood from me for that! - as a baseline in case I get pre-eclampsia as the gestational diabetes could put me at risk of that, although so far my blood pressure is still very good.

Ok, that's all for today. I'm so tired after waking very early with the summer sun, spending two hours at the clinic, chasing the train, making two trips to the pharmacy (drop and pick-up), cleaning the apartment - including going on all fours to clean the bathroom! - and making dinner with one hand as the other hand was holding on to the phone with the bank, which is another story... Anyway, hope to put up photos from our road trip soon...

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