Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone

Just learnt that someone we know is one of the 40 plus charged for having paid sex with an underage girl.

I don't blame him for getting paid sex if it's 你情我愿, and after all, he's not married, so be it if he has needs! It's just such a pity. He was doing well in his career. Now, 一失足成千古恨... I don't think he is stupid or thinks he's above the law. Probably ignorant that below 18 is considered underage for paid sex. I mean, before this case erupted, we also didn't know!

Anyway, this is quite shocking. We feel quite sorry for him..

Had a Whatsapp chat with Kel over this. The conversation turned to the expected conduct of teachers. Two educators have been charged in the same case. Some people have commented that teachers should not engage in such "immoral activities". And just a couple of months back, a PE teacher posted photos of himself with some girls, apparently at night spots and looking decent, and the mother of a student complained about it.

But, teachers are only human, aren't they?

Kel said that the public doesn't think like me and that teachers are held to a higher standard. Well, I think the public is just hypocritical. What higher standards? It's freaking double standards la! Those who criticise, don't they go clubbing? Don't they have sex and make babies?

The more I think about this, the more indignant I feel about this whole thing. I have many friends who are teachers. Even my husband was a teacher. People have to realise that teachers have a life like everyone else. They should not be pressured to give up part of themselves to fit the publicly-accepted mould of a model teacher. I don't care if my kids' teachers pay for sex, party until dawn, buy 4D, are homosexual or smokers, so long as they teach well and don't impose their personal life on their students.

I guess what teachers - and in the same vein, public officers too - can do is to better protect themselves. Do whatever you like - just make sure it's legal. Friend whoever you like and post whatever you want on Facebook - just restrict access to selected people!

PS: I do, however, think that the principal involved in the case has behaved badly. I have no issue with paid sex but he's married! I have no sympathy for him but I feel sorry for his family.

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  1. I was shocked that a Pei Chun ex-principal was made known. After all, I did my teaching practice in that school while he was there. Anyway, I didn't think that he'sa good principal either & some of the parents apparently share the same opinions too.


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