Sunday, 1 April 2012

My fave time...

.. is when Sito's alarm clock rings on a morning when he has no class. I'll go back to bed and nua with him and Kappa-chan who is now my bolster.

I also like the time before sleeping when he comes into the room with me, even if he has to go back to his desk after I fall asleep. It's just so nice to lie in bed, sharing dreams in a semi-awake state, chatting about various random stuff when fully awake, (mf) sprouting gibberish as I drift off to slumberland...

The past week marked the start of his last quarter in Kellogg. He has five modules this quarter but he only has two days of morning classes so we have a lot of lovely morning time! :)

Must really treasure these times cos when we're back in Sg, we'll probably be busy preparing for baby's arrival. And it won't just be the two of us anymore. We'll have gatherings with family and friends. And when baby arrives, we'll probably be busier! And then he has to work. Chances to nua in bed in the morning or at night seem pretty slim...

Oh well, let us enjoy it while it lasts!

Some snippets from this week:

Morning after a late party...

Sito: Headache.. Need to drink water..
mf: Drink lor..

He turned, retrieved his bottle from the floor and held it to me.

Sito: No more *big grin*
mf: !!!

So smart, this one... Fine, I'm nice - I went to fill his bottle for him...

And the day after golfing, he woke and informed me that he had an or-cheh on his shin - I love rubbing or-chehs! It's amazing how the colour changes after rubbing! And the pain can be quite shiok, like muscle ache, haha!

mf: You probably hit yourself with the club..

*rub rub rub*

mf: I also want an or-cheh!
Sito: Why do you want me to become a wife-beater?!

And then I found an or-cheh on my knee. Wish granted! After some rubbing, it's almost gone today..

He's off golfing again now. I'm going to scan his notes from the past few quarters so that we don't know to pack dead wood into our suitcases for Sg. Then, it's time for another dinner gathering tonight! Hope we're eating nice stuff, like last night at a Cantonese restaurant, but at a cheaper price, please!

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