Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Complaining of our choice?

It's May! And only 16 days to my flight home! :)

I'm very busy with packing - and groaning inwardly and repacking and throwing stuff - and meeting up with friends these days. I'm also very excited at the prospects of going home. Although I'm not exactly going back to a home cos I'm leaving my husband here for a month :(

It's always like this. When I'm busy, when I'm at some crossroad or transition point, I have thoughts I need written down.

Just the other day, I was wondering whether we would become like some of our friends who have chosen to go back to Singapore but who have since been complaining about their life in Singapore. One even exclaimed that "life really sucks to the ultimate core!" On the other hand, another friend who didn't choose to go back had been trying to make the best of her circumstance. When she heard about our plans, she simply shared that she felt Singapore had changed since she left three years ago and advised us on what to stock up from the US.

Well, I certainly hope we don't become like the first group. After all, we made a conscious choice to go back to Singapore instead of staying on in Chicago.

Sure, certain things are more expensive in Singapore but there are also super cheap stuff. And people keep talking about overcrowding and stressful environment - I don't care about the first and the second is really up to the individual. What we care about are the immeasurable intangibles like family, friends, the sense of home and belonging.. Fluffy? Maybe, but it's what matters most to us.

Anyway, there are always, ALWAYS, things to complain about. Like the weather - oh yes, Sito will complain about the heat and so will I at some point, but I'll always remember the cold cold wintry days in Evanston that I never want to return to! And it's one thing complaining with friends - group commiserating is always comforting and fun. But to complain until others wonder if it's really hard to live or adjust back to living in Singapore - seriously?

The thing is, I believe in standing by our choice, warts and all. And I don't believe in making life more difficult by unproductive complaining. Weather aside :)

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