Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Boobie stories

There was this classic scene in 金枝玉叶 where Anita Yuen said the following to Carina Lau('s boobs!):


I was 14, and like her, flat and curious. And that scene stuck with me.

Finally, 我知道那是什么感觉了!Haha!

Well, not like I've not touched bigger boobs before. Na and I grabbed each other before - for fun! And I poked at boss's lactating boob (yes, just one side) - with permission of course!

But, my own? Well, it's something new!

Unfortunately, they don't feel like mine *.* They look unfamiliar to me too... And it's so strange showering a body with contours haha!

Anyway, the less fun boobie story is that last Monday during my first prenatal massage, the masseuse found a lump in my right breast. Went to the boob doctor today while waiting during my repeat glucose test - which turned out normal!! - and did an ultrasound. Was told it was a cyst right next to a swollen gland, the biggest swollen gland among many swollen glands. The swollen glands are normal for soon-to-lactate boobs. He told me to monitor the lump myself and return for a review in six months. I was so relieved!! Else it would be the second cancer scare in two years! Tmd.

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