Friday, 11 May 2012

Pregnancy brain - it's real!

I've heard about pregnancy brain from pregnant and mum friends. When it didn't happen to me earlier on, I dismissed it - maybe it doesn't happen to everyone?

WRONG! It started happening to me a few weeks ago, with small things..

One day, our pasta lunch lacked its usual favour - I had totally forgot to add herbs and pepper. I usually leave the cabinet door open to make it more convenient to reach those stuff but that day, the door just didn't remind me!

Some days later, I stepped out of a shower and saw swabs of cotton pads inked with pink blusher next to the wash basin. Then I realised I forgot to wash my face in the shower. It's usual for me to forget about removing make-up but washing my face? No!

When Sito asked me to help him wash his water bottle while he was doing some work, I said ok. And sat down at my desk. The next thing I knew, a while later, the bottle was washed and on the drying rack - I felt so bad :(

And this happened more than a couple of times - I poured all the water remaining in the kettle into our bottles so that I could boil more. But after pouring out the water, I left the kettle sitting on the countertop. And I wouldn't realise it until either of us found no water when we needed it *.*

A couple of days ago, I prepared some sliced onions for some fried noodles. And when the noodles were done, I found the sliced onions still sitting happily in the fridge and my noodles lacking in favour :(

The ultimate? This morning, I was supposed to pee into a cup at the clinic. I knocked over a loose roll of toilet paper just before I pulled down my pants. After picking up the roll, I proceeded to pee all I had into the toilet bowl. Then I saw the cup. On the shelf. Empty. D'oh!!! I was empty too!!! Took me another five minutes to give - what? - 10 drops of pee *.* Thank goodness the nurse said that was sufficient!

Anyway.. Today was my last visit to the clinic yay! The reception told me I had to wait a week for my medical records because the person-in-charge would only be there on Thursdays, which was bullshit cos I already told them on Monday that I needed them, and if they let me in behind the counter, I could also copy my file myself right there! But my doc remembered, phew! She gave me the stack of stuff, albeit arranged in some haphazard order. Spent some time organising them and scanning them into soft copies back home. Also got the letter certifying fitness for travel. For some reason, the doc wrote that I was moving to Japan.. Luckily I checked before I left the clinic.

Oh, and she put me on oral medication for the gestational diabetes. I'll go get it but I probably won't start on it until I get back to Singapore. In any case, I checked with M about her glucose levels - turned out that she had similar readings but her doc who was a specialist said those were good enough!

I lost a little weight since Monday. But that's fine, I guess, cos on Monday, I gained too much since the previous week, when I lost a bit from the earlier week... Hmmm, well, it's like 0.5kg to 1.5kg - could very well be due to different combinations of water and the clothes on me!

Well, it's about time to go to bed. I like this time of the day. Baby tends to move a lot when I'm sitting here at the laptop. Last night, he was kicking my left side so much it hurt. At one point, I was sure I felt a heel :) I fell asleep with music by the belly, and when I woke an hour later, he was still moving about!

Tonight, in fact, today, he didn't move as much, probably cos I was on the move a lot. But when I first sat at the laptop just now, he decided to kick my right side. He knows when I'm resting :)

This evening, he suddenly moved a little halfway through our nice dinner at The Stained Glass - he must have liked the food too! We were wondering if he would be a very active baby - that would be quite a handful! But fun, I suppose, and he would keep mummy in shape just by making me chase him around!

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