Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Update 32w5d

Last night, I was going to go to the toilet when I stepped into a puddle of water under my chair. For a moment, I thought my water broke *.* But it was just rain water that came in through an opened window. What a scare!

Anyway, just had my first session with Dr Chan this morning. I finally felt heard and reassured in this pregnancy!

Baby first - he is slightly bigger than average, 60-odd percentile. Me next - luckily I'm not bigger than average, having gained 10kg with just under eight weeks to go. And since I don't eat too much these days, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I won't balloon between now and delivery...

Doc also asked me to repeat the glucose tolerance test next week as he didn't quite agree with my diabetic diagnosis. But as usual, he is a strong advocate of healthy eating - good carbs, more vege, less meat and fish.

mf: Less meat and fish? So what do I eat?
Doc: Tofu, mushrooms...
mf: Oh...

The nurse helped me book a maternity room and settled quite a bit of admin before sending me on my way to - she didn't know it of course - the Isetan private sale!

Got the cut-out coupons near the entrance with my card - didn't get them in the mail and my recce trip on Saturday told me that I needed a coupon for the Avent bottle steriliser!

So I spent some time looking at baby stuff. Eventually, I bought the steriliser, a baby gym, a bouncer, a set of floor mats, an electric kettle, a blender, a tea flask and some towels! So happy! :) But it took me a while to pay for them and arrange for delivery. I was fortunate to have met kind souls who helped me with the goods.

I was so hungry by then and headed for Wisma only to find that its Food Republic was undergoing renovation!! Only managed to grab some food at the Taka food court at 1.30 pm. Had a brief exchange with another single diner who told me about her 7-month-old daughter. Funny how a baby belly knocks down walls :) A promoter at Isetan also commented that my belly was beautiful :)

Anyway, after that quick lunch, I made a quick stop at Watson's to pick up a sunscreen and a bottle of cuticle oil before going back to Isetan for my Shu Uemura cleansing oil. Scored a $10 rebate voucher yay! Then I had to walk back to the hospital for a maternity tour.

Turned out that I was the only one in the tour! So my personal tour guide showed me the maternity rooms and wards on three floors, including the very expensive suite at the top - sorry, no money.. I'm now only considering single bed or double bed, depending on whether Sito wants to stay overnight.

My next appointment was dinner at home with Mum. Sat on the sofa for quite a while to recuperate from the day's walking. I was so tired!!! And my left foot is swollen - water retention. And yes, it's just the left foot...

Other than being so worn, it's been a good day. I felt so pretty today too, wearing my new eye shadow I got while with Na at Changi City Point yesterday :) We had lunch at Ootoya - first time I had substantial green leafy vegetables at a Jap place!

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