Sunday, 6 May 2012

Quotable quotes but not from mf :)

Was sorting out stuff and came across some nice quotes in a corporate book I got from a class here: "ISMs in Action!" by Quicken Loans. The quotes by Dan Gilbert are in bold and my thoughts in normal font.

Some people will never "get it". Get them out of your team, club, house, life, etc... and both of you will be happier. So, I shan't waste my precious time arguing or explaining things to these people.

Nothing great and long-lasting is built overnight, but you must take the first step now. Lots of people only know how to talk and/or complain etc. Sometimes, some action is required. For example, I should quit worrying about what that chocolate cupcake is doing to my blood glucose and go for a walk after posting this!

People who are constantly negative, pessimistic and cynical are not spewing their venom towards you or your ideas. They are talking about themselves. Never forget. I'm afraid such people can get me down sometimes. So I shall read this and then read the first quote again.

Winning on the hard stuff does not make the easy stuff easy. Exactly! I don't understand why some people want to win everything all the time, including the "my life sucks" anti-award. Um, no, thank you..

Now, time for the walk...

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